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I would like to help a few high school sports game is best reflected in the speed and agility traini

Half-Blood Panda2010-01-29 07:02:06 +0000 #1
Site are the junior high school students in the outdoors there are more than 20 please help me think about a few fun, simple sports games, such as plaster bar sort of help me think more than a few to state rules, ah, thank you for 20 minutes ! True to the!
521 Yan Jiao 1252010-01-29 07:05:37 +0000 #2
1: reversal exercises, you shout to the left turn, he had to turn to the right, you shout back turn, he was standing motionless, very interesting

2: to were divided into several teams, each team played a little nickname, such as radish team, team grapes, lychees team, banana team, grapes cried the first team, team squat grapes, grape squat, grapes banana squat squat End (Bianhan side to squat , but also rhythmic Oh) and then the banana team started squatting,,,, which team lose啦哈哈slow response though a bit naive, and quite funny


posted a bunch of people are gathered in a circle, a catch has been run, they are not Let caught early, if the Pao Budong been or would like to make fun of someone else, you paste it into a circle in front of any one person, then paste the person has to be followed by the running, the same can not be Beijia catch, caught If the response is slow lose through!

have so far thought of these three, first play quite interesting



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