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High School Men's 1500M and long jump

yxy31204472010-01-29 08:01:20 +0000 #1
I am 16 years old this year, the school in mid-October to start the Games, who can help me to develop a training plan?

Height 180CM thick arm and thigh, the current weight of 70KG that

target 1500 meters He walked four minutes and 50 seconds long jump 5 meters is about 1

5 minutes and 27 now 1500 meters long jump 4 meters

plan to compare the use Thank you, I live on campus in
still Crayon2010-01-29 08:05:59 +0000 #2
every afternoon after school to endurance running training, do not use numbers to measure the ring, if the time to measure. This time you are running a continuous 40-minute training uniform is no problem, it is best to achieve one hour. To practice under the 400-meter sprint race, every practice three or four groups, group 5 to 10 minutes between breaks. Need for explosive leg jump, practice barbell squat, each group practicing 8 to 10, can go to the gym better, if not, then started practicing skipping barbell bar, this can also be practiced legs should be uniform for each successive jump rope for 30 minutes. These items were inserted to open a practice, not a day full training again, this is too tired to accept.
Yu Mo-chun2010-01-29 08:23:35 +0000 #3
Parkour training ah Leapfrog 100 a day, and your leg muscle strength training jump hook

able to do so on a day 5000 meters down the bar once a day insisted on once a week on weekdays and 1000 meters is enough for the The best from early morning run in the morning while the morning air is the dirtiest day training vital capacity, but the morning does the best period
xiaoxuanld2010-01-29 08:17:00 +0000 #4
according to its own conditions on a daily basis to do three groups or five groups Leapfrog and squat jump. raising leg Department of force.

the school can also be allowed on the stairs one a jumping stairs. help to improve explosive power. we must pay attention to safety. Do not look crowded places. classmate rumbling caused by accidental injury is very easy to hit you ... .

You can also practice around the playground after the tread running. tired of people running after the tread. to have perseverance. generally run 400 meters in the playground of a lap or 2 laps 1 lap on it.

As for the 1500M, leg strength has been , run time, Shen Pao Budong legs did not feel they should just control your breath. daily ran a few 1500, tried to control the speed of adjustment of breathing, gradually result would be increased.

I wish you won the championship. refueling Oh!



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