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When the elementary school physical education teacher in Shandong which schools must test

Silly BDPEI2010-01-29 09:02:03 +0000 #1
1. Practicing long-distance running, and from school to university and have to test those schools (these schools, arts and sports achievements admissions line better!)

2. Physical education teacher is not a sport particularly good you can be a do?

3. Only with specialties in order to enter sports schools do? Specialized training to enter the long race do?

4. Go to school as a physical education teacher to what degree and above?
scaresky2010-01-29 09:03:43 +0000 #2
1. I used is to practice long-distance running, and I read it now sports. If you are adults, you can apply for Shandong Province Institute of Education (Note: Recently, you may be renamed, in restructuring middle) can be read adult undergraduate, physical education professional, you can log on website for details . If it is high school like that, and can choose to enroll in Physical Education of the University of applicants, the annual admission points not the same, about 400 minutes or so, at the same time physical exam: standing long jump, 100m, shot put throw, plus a special. A total of 100 points. Their choices are: Ludong University (Yantai), Shandong Normal University (Jinan), Shandong Institute of Physical Education (Rizhao, Jinan), Qufu Normal University (Qufu), etc.

2. Certainly has a professional compliance requirements, will not be very high, because you became a teacher must have academic qualifications, and specifically depends on your ability to teach.

3. Into the sports school are generally up to two, or high-level test etc. Of course.

4. Is now of primary school teachers because of private or national or city differ, it is better than undergraduate, graduate. Graduate students entering universities are now more difficult, so it is still refueling test bar -!
Much more attractive small2010-01-29 09:46:33 +0000 #3
to participate in the new curriculum training in elementary school physical education teachers in Shandong Province as the research object, using a questionnaire to investigate their basic situation, the attitude of the curriculum reform, curriculum reform, knowledge about ways to participate in curriculum reform and to improve their own quality of such an investigation. A total of 585 questionnaires issued, 583 were usable responses, 569 valid questionnaires were valid response rate was 97.3%. And then the raw data for statistical analysis, to obtain reliable basic data for participation in basic education curriculum reform in elementary school physical education teachers to enhance the quality of the collective training and provide an objective basis.

1 survey (1) fundamentals. From Table 1 (see p. 102) can be seen, the three cities involved in the investigation of persons over 10 years teaching experience essential; education meets the set standards, some have bachelor's degree, primarily concentrated in the towns and urban primary schools, rural lot is the follow-up education, not accounting for a large part of professional sports; Jianke phenomenon does not exist, Qingdao, Zibo, most of the rural schools, a small portion of Jining city primary schools and most rural schools there Jianke phenomenon. In an interview found in the course of elementary school physical education teachers in all 16 classes for more than a week, and the festival week, there are 2-3 extra-curricular activities, and their heavy workload.

(2) survey of the attitudes and curriculum reform to curriculum knowledge and understanding way. From Table 2 (see p. 102) can be seen, the three prefectures and cities teachers participating in the survey approach to curriculum and training are very positive; knowledge about ways to curriculum through the training to understand the vast majority, there are through networks and read books and newspapers to understand, but after training, because of work needs to collect and learning through active understanding of either. Understanding of aspects of the curriculum standards for more than 90% of the teachers are well aware, this note concentrates play a significant role in the training, there are some older teachers to participate less frequently, is just engaging in physical education after adjustment for the new Curriculum Standards do not understand.

(3) survey of participation in curriculum reform. As can be seen from Table 3, to participate in the new curriculum for physical education after training affect the three cities have more than 65%; be able to attend classes according to the requirements of curriculum reform, showing a great deal of difference, but a decrease of arbitrary class ; can still groping to thinking, wait and continue to follow the old ways of the very few front-line teachers can explain the requirements under the new curriculum reform, and gradually into the new curriculum. But concerns about curriculum reform, nearly 1 / 3 of teachers are due to the leadership of the evaluation-oriented, front-line teachers worried about the leadership of a clear indication of their assessment that according to Curriculum Reform classes, form "chaos", leaders will think you are "sheep." Although aware of the benefits of the development of curriculum reform on students, they are still the emphasis is on comprehensive assessment of the leadership of their own, therefore, curriculum reform, we should first correct the leadership concept.


2.1 the quality of teachers teaching ideas

3 prefectures and cities to improve the quality of teachers agree with basically the same situation, the two cities of Qingdao and Jining choose the basic concept of the new curriculum the majority were 50%, 61%; to write papers and professionalism of the majority choice Zibo City, 45%; selection of knowledge and ability minority. The experts believe that professionalism is the beginning of all the work, the new curriculum reform is the same dedication, that devotion to education, for all children, for our children's everything, it is the key to curriculum reform; in professionalism under the guidance of teachers will consciously to learn new curriculum ideas, and consciously improve their own knowledge and capabilities. To adapt to the new curriculum standards for elementary school physical education teachers need to change the philosophy, it was unanimously agreed that the "health first" teaching philosophy, choose a student-centered innovation ability and development of minority students, indicating a role to play through the training .

2.2 knowledge and competence of teachers need to refine the knowledge in Qingdao, Zibo two to choose more education, science and knowledge, professional knowledge Jining teachers choose more than 1 / 3 of the basic knowledge of options on average less than 15% ; shows that the new course, and elementary school physical education teachers really felt that their own lack of education, science and knowledge. Ability to improve aspects of their own choice rather scattered, Jining teachers the ability of the choice materials and processing capacity of these two options interpersonal more than 70%, and reflection, using the Internet and school-based training to improve the ability of self-selection of three the total number of 25 % or less; Qingdao and Zibo two pairs of reflection, using the Internet and school-based training in three content selected over 65%. In an interview found that it and two to the proliferation of computers and training for the contents of a great relationship-oriented.

2.3 to improve the way

from Table 4, the quality of elementary school physical education teachers to improve the situation of the self-perfection, the network use, computer-aided instruction, and two in Qingdao, Zibo two more regularly, this and the two economic development, computer the popularity of a great relationship; Jining rural areas in computer-aided instruction has not yet universal, interviews, found that some schools with a computer at all. Can see that the integration of computers and physical education teachers to learn the use of computers on the Internet will take a very long time.

Spare time and group together with teachers to explore new curriculum for teachers to use school-based resources, an important way of self-improvement. But the survey found that urban schools and rural schools choose not, very few of these two close to 2 / 3, This is less about physical education teachers in rural primary schools, some schools, there is only one physical education teacher, and even some of a physical education teacher to be on the Several schools in physical education.

Teaching of reflection and reflective thinking, after finishing, the quality of primary school physical education teachers to improve their own base. Three cities are basically the same situation of teachers, urban elementary school teachers can do, but not very often, but the basic physical education teachers in rural areas did not do or can do only occasionally. This multi-class rural primary school physical education teacher has a lot to, as well as the phenomenon of Jianke and packet classes, the teacher did not have time to consider a number of issues, which is grass-roots level physical education teacher one of the main R & D capability can not.


3.1 Analysis and discussion areas where the quality of teachers age difference

primary elementary school physical education teachers in the existing knowledge structure and age influence their rapid adoption of new curriculum ideas, and actively carry out two major issues of curriculum reform experiments. As China's overall education and basic education, specificity, and now a great number of rural primary school teachers are private teachers, regularized, and they are all aged about 50 years old, over the years to rely on the formation of textbooks and teaching reference books habits difficult to change, right The new curriculum reform looked very willing to accept, but in actual operation, or take the old path is essentially sheep-like physical education; Guangbo Cao early school teaching in order to meet the inspection, after the freedom of movement by students, or activity time is accounts for the other teachers, this ending is particularly evident. Young teacher by high division or the impact of traditional education Normal Schools, in peacetime to focus only on knowledge and learning, the process of teaching is often依葫芦画瓢neglect of the students in this study and the main body of the individual differences between students, not well face.

3.2 poor scientific knowledge of teacher education is a common phenomenon in

The survey also found that the expertise of primary school physical education teachers can basically, but the basics of education, science and knowledge and the poor, especially the students how to learn the knowledge, needs to be strengthened; how to strengthen the reform of pre-vocational education and guidance, so that normal university students from simple to master technology to study and master the technology, methods and educational theory is a combination of higher teacher education phase of thought. Contemporary American educator Bruner pointed out: "Knowledge is regarded as a process, not results." This is most profoundly revealed the concept of a major shift in teaching. Students acquire the knowledge, capacity-building process is extremely important to train the initiative to explore issues of interest and ways of thinking. "Outline" points out that "teachers in the teaching process should prepare the student for independence and autonomy, to guide students to question, investigate, explore, in practice, learning, enabling learners to become teachers under the guidance of an active, full of personality the process of cooperation. "In the teaching of" change the results of learning "as" the process of learning ", not the pursuit of answers to the standard, whereas the pursuit of positive thinking and flexibility. Teachers in learning to master the methods and teachings, to change traditional to grasp the knowledge, skills, learning the ultimate purpose; how to learn, how to learn, how to teach teachers how to teach should be the beginning of the study on the guidance and experience; out of the gates, the podium after the order according to their own needs, to construct their own knowledge and capacity of systems.

3.3 computers and the Internet is the main way to improve the quality of teachers, the popularity of computers and the Internet to break the opening of a school and between schools and regions between the gap and realize the sharing of educational resources; can make learners themselves in the vast ocean of knowledge, to find, select, and tap collate information and extract useful knowledge, to a certain extent, promoted the development of education, so that a combination of teaching and modern technology become a reality. As the east and west and urban and rural differences between the popularity of the computer there is a big difference on the primary and secondary school physical education teachers integrate computers and physical education knowledge and ability, there are significant differences. This requires the government to increase investment in education, the gradual popularization of computers in the backward areas, so as to better serve the education and teaching, curriculum reform of basic education for the smooth lay a good foundation material. As the multi-class elementary school physical education teacher and some even Jianke, resulting in the implementation of the new curriculum problems and good practices can not be a good reflection, This is the elementary school physical education teacher education research capacity is not high, an important factor. Since each school physical education teachers is relatively small, for carrying out school-based training to improve their own business, the opportunity for relatively small, for the promotion of new programs and enhance the quality of teachers in their own disadvantage; education authorities to take measures to attach importance to strengthening the school-based elementary school physical education teachers training, school-based training process, through collective discussions, exchange ideas, learn from each other to improve, and common progress, so as to better promote the basic education curriculum reform carried out smoothly.



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