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Games 1,500 m race composition

Invisible Love12010-01-29 09:02:09 +0000 #1
Super Jiji Ji! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Can Ye's tears2010-01-29 09:14:35 +0000 #2
2 days of our school athletic meet, Thursday morning, we have long come to the school for the Games opening ceremony prepared, 7:50 opening ceremony of the Games start on time the students in our class filled with energy and patting neat team walking on the runway, walking in our front row of my classmates holding the portrait of Liu Xiang, the Olympic spirit in hand, like a sign of the rings, the rest of the students are also holding a colored balloons neat team when we walked through the platform, only heard Liangsheng "bang" sound, and our heads, ribbons flying in a flash. Next, Guang Bocao the show, the students exudes youth energy, high spirits, received praise tie.

The opening ceremony to this end, followed by games. Games start the students on the one eager to show himself to win honor for the classes, the first project is a long jump, long jump during the same time, 60-meter hurdles, but also orderly manner, the games although the results in our class not ideal, but the students in our class are indicative of a struggle upward and the spirit of unity and cooperation, especially LAM Kam Fai, Leung Pak-Lok, Lin Shuqi, high-Shuo Heng classmates, courageously fighting with the spirit of the first is that we learn from, but also the performance of in the spirit of unity in our class, they are in their own efforts and we get the ranking, under the encouragement of fuel.

Through the Games, some of my own shortcomings, but also after exercise: My instincts are not strong but I am not good proxy for long-distance running, I decided later to actively participate in sports training, enhance the physical, because if we do not have a good body, only the A good grades, but also useless, so we use a healthy body to meet the learning of our career, so it will not be eliminated by social trends.

I hope I win in the first two days of the Games to get to class honor. 222 Ringing in the autumn float in the air in the green of the runway, sports field, athletes are accompanied by vigorous pace, play a tune of the new movement.

The past, the long runway, leaving a deep footprint; today, on for this beautiful moment, which have suffered badly. Still uneasy yesterday, today's heart has long been great enthusiasm the game because of me exciting! Runway because I rather bright! For classes, I can do it!

In a matter of minutes, stride you are a strong pace, spread out your arms strong and healthy, like the wings of the eagle, the passion Qingsa playing field in the red. Athletes Yuezhanyueyong went all out my head down, ears bursts of "Go" sound has passed, the mind is only one firm belief: Stick to the finish! 100 meters, 200 meters ... ... 700 meters, 800 meters, you are trying to catch up, athletes vied with each other, young, notes in the beat, is a unique personality, continues. Although the leg has been like the filling of the lead, although the hands have been placed not move inside the nose breathing heavily, but the determination was firmly in the eyes of ... ... one foot pushing on end staring at white lines, and then it collapsed down.

Athletes, you do a! No matter how successful, you are heroes! A crowd of your brilliant mind has been forever, your charm and charisma in everybody's hearts forever! Loser, Do not be discouraged, lucky moments and opportunities waiting for you; successful, do not be proud, you do more than Liu Xiang won? Advance toward the next target bar!

Is a group of athletes will come up, an eagle only visual front, waiting for the crisp soon as the shot!

333 Games, Xiao-he composition network, you can contribute

Ha! Fall Games Opening usual啦! This is my first one to two middle school games, of course, a bit excited! Little Lotus composition network, you can contribute

29, the morning of the Games kicked off, give me the deepest impression, or my class Yan-run 1,500 m and the women's 4 x 100-meter race.

"Women's 1,500 m race will begin, please athletes ready! Preparation - run!" As the gun sounds, and games started, and saw Zhang Yan quickly ran, although a start behind a few, But by the third lap, it slowly caught up. "Zhang Yan, refueling!" In our hearts of stone suddenly hanging up: Zhang Yan will fall do? She can insist do? What accidents? Everyone excluded from living in breathing, heart in hand was worried the Khan, as well as the final seconds, and Zhang Yan, Charge! Sure enough, Zhang Yan did not live up to our expectations, ran the fourth! Although not a champion, but she has the honor of our class regardless of everything, sick battle is really good like! To reward her, we have compiled a champion for her wreath, to wear, kinda nice!

1,500 m tested the endurance athletes, but the 4 x 100-meter race is a test of player's team spirit and extraordinary speed. Look at women's 4 x 100-meter race, I kept shouting "Come on! Quick! Charge!" Afraid of a sudden out rods.

Race started, the first rod Shen Qian Ru energetically to dash forward to pass the baton handed Wang Yi-yun, Wang Yi-yun pick up the stick, "Wow," to just get ran to the first, and then handed the baton in the hands of Iris Chang, Iris Chang is also very worse, run up like a cheetah, the others left behind. The most crucial one stick is Wang Weiqi, she took the baton in the hands of Iris Chang to carry out the final sprint. In the end, Wang Weiqi suddenness of a thunderbolt the first run to finish, won the title of this project.

Whether or Shen Qian Zhang Yan-Ru, regardless of clouds or Iris Chang or Wang Yi Wang Weiqi, they are aimed at one objective, win glory for the class!

We are proud of these players, be proud of, they are really great! Finally, I would like for you to say:加油!




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