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In-situ high leg lift arms and legs would be inconsistent?

Aircraft Prince2010-01-29 10:01:33 +0000 #1
Do not know why, every time the speed of a high leg lift speed, hands and feet like a little control-like, all right hand right foot, I suspect is caused by uneven arm, and I will soon sport college entrance examination, and 100 meters if there is The cases I will pass the entry examinations, and expert please help me solve
Blue Double pot, a bottle2010-01-29 10:04:54 +0000 #2
break open the action bar!

----- Situ upper arm, after the first slow-fast! Until the explosive force! And then relaxed, and after adjustment, arm hair do explosive strength! Action must be standardized, strap must relax! Trunk can not be arbitrary sway. To maintain focus.

Lower limb ----- in-situ low-leg lift. Do not do the high leg lift! ! Moreover, it does arm, the arm can be a natural droop, you can also back behind his back. Lower center of gravity, knees Microbend, high-speed completion of action, which is to immediately lift his toes point. Somewhat similar to the stamp in situ toes. This action can practice moves the frequency and frequency tolerance.

In the skilled movements, after the completion of the above may be in the low leg lift exercise, try to join the arm.

Natural is a complete exercise in a slower in-situ by adding a high leg lift arm. I think your problem lies in movement frequency may be too slow, lean back making. Therefore, we must maintain good body position to practice. Action, or by the slow to fast.

High leg lift exercises as a sprinter, one of the supporting leg lift and frequency to solve the problem. Can not completely about 100 meters of your achievement, so, recommendations or relaxed state of mind, multi-practice of other actions, as a supplement. Do not give their own ideas so much pressure! ! ! Will be good! ! Release! !

On the runway that moment, you have to remember that you are the aircraft prince! You're not running fast, you are flying low!

Refueling bar will be able to sell Maili Qi ah, on the winter training on the endurance strength of its technology
duanxun99222010-01-29 10:08:34 +0000 #3
may be your co-ordination was not so good, it could be the high leg lift your posture is not the correct, high leg lift to introduce legislation to the waist, high stress center of gravity, high-frequency. If you say it, you've got to slow points, Experience! In addition, I want to say is arm magnitude larger, relaxation, coordination! This thing is understanding intentions to use its brain out! I wish you good luck, college entrance examination to have good results!



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