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Chinese diver Qin Xin Zhao What are the results?

Like the money unjustified2010-01-29 10:02:15 +0000 #1
Chinese diver Qin Xin Zhao is said to be a beauty, she made what success?
All-controlled2010-01-29 10:18:16 +0000 #2
Major achievements】 【

1) March 17, 2005 FINA Diving Grand Prix Women's Madrid station 10 sets of single champion, double champion (partner Tan Min)

Beijing March 17, FINA Diving Grand Prix race in the Spanish capital Madrid, Madrid, start on the first day the women's doubles final 10 meters, the Chinese Dadang Zhao Qin Xin / Tan Min (phonetic) was champion, Italy's Maluo Qi /斯帕兹安妮and Austria's rationale Chettle / Sharif points were the second and third.

2) April 2, 2005 FINA Diving Grand Prix Spanish Grand Prix women's doubles title 10 sets (partner Liang Peiling)

April 2, the Chinese players Zhao Qin Xin / Liang Peiling 10 meters platform in the women's doubles final in the runner-up with 329.94.

3) September 21, 2007 National Diving Championships with 641.95 performance ranked runner-up

at the National Diving Championships the women's individual all-around competition, from Hebei Han Wang won with 657.80 performance Champions in Shanghai, Zhao Qin Xin players ranked in second place with 641.95 performance, Tsinghua University, Shih Ting Mao diving team score of 631.25 was second runner-up.

Women's all-around game, including 1-meter board, 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform three items, a total of 10 dives athletes, including Guo Jingjing no one, including the national team to participate in the main players.

4) October 7, 2007 Sixth Intercity Games all-around champion

10 6, the Sixth National Cities Games diving end of the fifth day of the race. In the morning the men's individual all-around final, on behalf of Fujian team Yang light, Hefei Wang team pride and team Shanghai Pudong Sun known that the top three; night the women's individual all-around final, Shanghai Pudong team Qin Xin Zhao, Baoding Team Han Wang and Nanjing Sun Dream Team was the winners of the morning.

This is Zhao Qin Xin, following two days ago won the silver in the women's 3-meter springboard and achieved another good result. "I never thought to bring it champions, and just want to own a good jumping movements, of which several actions as long as I was almost point, I would have lost her!" Zhao Qin Xin mouth of this hard to arch-competitor, opponent is the silver medalist Han Wang. In a recent National Diving Championships, Han Wang once beat Zhao Qin Xin won the gold medals. The two men tonight, the venue for the Games again their territories, Qin Xin Zhao eventually seize the opportunity to 649.79 points won gold medal, Han Wang a total score of 641.35 points.

Topped the list with a slight advantage, Zhao Qin Xin said his coach helped unload a lot of baggage: "(Sung Ting-fai), the coach has always said to me, 'to relax a little, it does not matter', he did not always ask me determined to get it champion. "However, she also said," but his heart certainly will still nervous. "

In accordance with rules of the game, the six cities will be diving the women's individual all-around projects include the 1-meter springboard, 3-meter springboard and 10-meter platform three items, were completed without difficulty factor of 10 limit movement in real cumulative scores decide the winners. Zhao Qin Xin told Sina Sports, one of the most like to see the number of 3-meter springboard, which is also the silver medalist Han Wang is entirely familiar.

5) January 20, 2008 FINA Diving Grand Prix in Madrid station three-meter women's doubles champion (partner Li Ting)

January 20, Chinese athletes Li Ting (third from left) / Zhao Qin Xin and the other winners on the podium. Day, Li Ting / Zhao Qin Xin, held in Madrid in 2008 FINA Diving Grand Prix women's doubles final, three-meter springboard title.

6) May 10, 2008 FINA Diving Grand Prix, the United States station two-three-meter women's runner-up

Beijing early morning of May 10, 5th FINA Diving Grand Prix races in the United States Luosi Dai Fort continuing. In the just-concluded three-meter final in the women's doubles, Chinese players Li Ting / Zhao Qin Xin narrowly finished second, following the race yesterday, won its first gold medal of the station will be followed by a silver pocket income Chinese team.

7) June 15, 2008 FINA Diving Grand Prix in Rome station three-meter women's doubles champion (partner Han Wang)

three-meter finals in the women's doubles, China's combined Han Wang / Qin Xin Zhao obvious advantages, with a total of 318.00 points beat the masses, successfully won the first prize. Among them, Han Wang / Qin Xin Zhao jump 201B in the second act in harmony, the two more excellent synchronization won a referee flaunted by 10 points, which is the only one the entire field 10 points in the final of their gains in this jump 55.80 am. In addition, Han Wang / Qin Xin Zhao 101B in the first jump in the play the same impressive. Italian Portfolio Dala Pei / Bartky finished second, and their total score of 302.10 points. Ukraine Portfolio Woluo Shi Cen Branch / pis door Si Kaya Zeyi total score 291.60 points among the top three ranks.

8) October 4, 2009 11 Games women's synchronized 3-meter champion (partner Wu Min Xia)

October 12, Eleventh National Games diving competition in Jinan Olympic Sports Center Swimming and Diving Hall entered the final day of a game in the afternoon, the women's doubles three-meter final, from Shanghai's Wu Xia / Zhao Qin Xin won with 361.50 points. This is the Wu Min Xia expedition four Games since the first one full of personal transport gold.



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