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Plastic runway

215.2828 million2010-01-29 10:02:21 +0000 #1
heard of a school to talk about things to do plastic runway, she wanted to hand to take over a company to do. But do not know how to do point. Ask how to prepare master points to do, how to negotiate! Comparison: and school leaders how to talk about, as well as to do so before the point of plastic track how?
Double pot, a bottle of Blue2010-01-29 10:14:06 +0000 #2
engineering problems will necessarily involve a rebate, which I will not say more.

Plastic venue project is now to do a lot of companies to follow suit. But the quality is not a few are excellent.

And the annual maintenance cost is very high, after all, the high cost of plastic space, maintenance more difficult.

If you want to impress leaders of the school planning, I suggest you may want to ensure the quality of the project based on the Zaiqu talk.

After all, spent hundreds of millions, we all see to see.

In addition, look at materials. Plastic materials are sensitive to the venue, and ensure that environmental protection.

Look at a matching venue as the number of small venues. Adapted to local conditions so that the construction area on the side in the existing few more supporting ball courts. Let the school know, in your presentation, they spend the least money to do the most, the best venue.

Negotiations when the cases go to a little product, naturally more persuasive.

You have to do homework, naturally, on the basic idea of this school site. Right understanding of the nature of plastic materials. The price of ordinary plastic space thoroughly. As well as maintenance and maintenance of the necessary knowledge.

I wish success
PVC sports flooring adhesive2010-01-29 10:24:34 +0000 #3
HUMEI Shanghai US indoor plastic sports floor

HUMEI Shanghai US PVC plastic sports flooring

1, HUMEI Shanghai US PVC plastic sports floor, table tennis, basketball, tennis, volleyball, gym, dance Housing and other living room PVC plastic sports floor is a wear-resistant layer of PVC, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foaming buffer layer.

2, HUMEI Shanghai US flooring 100% pure PVC wear layer, through the anti-aging and fixing technical processing, wear pressure, service life of up to 15 years.

⒊ HUMEI Shanghai US-floor glass-fiber reinforced layer, a stable venue size, extend the life of the role, so that the floor never shrink, the performance is more stable, so that athletes play a better level.

⒋ HUMEI Shanghai closed-end US-floor buffer layer materials such as PVC foam cushion-type structure, provide absolute security, resilience and standard absorber nature of vibration absorption rate of 30% -50%.

⒌ HUMEI Shanghai US floor PVC foam cushioning used Litchi profile skin surface texture and so on. . . Dermatoglyphics deal more with the adhesion, in the movement more stable.

6, HUMEI Shanghai US excellent comfort PVC flooring surface friction coefficient and wear a special process design, to make soles always close to the ground, non-slip and can deliver a strong arbitrary power.

7, HUMEI Shanghai US floor venue with a special surface treatment, in line with the light intensity will not be absorbed and reflected sunlight glare, can better protect the athlete's eyes, and easy fatigue.

8, HUMEI Shanghai US floor humanized design portfolio and unique color sense of the venue. Non-slip, shock for the consumer health movement to bring a reliable guarantee for professional athletes, ordinary people provide an excellent fitness movement

buffer protection, to minimize the damage athletes.

9, HUMEI Shanghai US floor exercise floor surface features and good ergonomics irregular rounded texture classes arc edge design, the sliding coefficient of the best value, so that athletes have a better mobility, in order to start, frog jump, sliding, braking, and so all kinds of professional dramatic venue,.



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