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Usually playing on the streets. Deng did not sit the bike is a bike then?

Lonesome nights eolian2010-01-29 12:01:05 +0000 #1

86,019,6892010-01-29 12:15:21 +0000 #2
climbing Cart
zrbtiger2010-01-29 12:35:29 +0000 #3
BMX. Or call climbing car, show car small B.

Stands BICYCLE MOTOCROSS (BMX), which is in the mid to late 70s in the United States the rise of a bicycle cross-country movement. Because of its models is relatively small, relatively thick tires and the race track and off-road motorcycles are also used to track are very similar, so has the name. The campaign quickly gained popularity among young people, by the mid-80s most of the young people the impact of popular culture, skateboarding, that is only in the mud, the ground game is too one of the. Then the ground began to get BMX, skateboarding venues where to play, and play of fancy more than skateboarding, jump higher and more stimulating. Its name has become a BMXFREESTYLE (freestyle BMX bike).



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