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Mountain wheel set of questions! ! ! Transmission problem! ! !

wanderzhaoyang2010-01-29 12:01:51 +0000 #1
Should be installed around mountain bike budget 3500 did not know Flower Drum is to buy or ball bearings? What brand of better, for me the price? Dealers recommend esson boss gave me the two bearing disc hubs + dh19 circle to 550 worth it? The boss said I was thinner two bearings enough, what bearing the number and weight of the number of Matter?

In addition, I sets of transmission is even worse, what 7 and 8 of the kind of marked the chain of large z can be general do? Micro-roll-out of the transmission is very cheap, how to use the sample? Kudan on sram x5 how like? I only ask for usual trips, are plain.

Finally something I need experts to set out a concrete model with a list (with prices) bar, are also most grateful!

Flower Drum (not the pursuit of durable like the weight of preferably red):

Car Space (to v brake):

brake handle (should be strong and durable v brake only):

After the dial + DIP: (paragraph 89 should be cheaper and durable all may be):

v brake (to semi-truck enough copies):
wayfaring2010-01-29 12:11:09 +0000 #2
Frame: Giant Pro 500

before the call that after the call dial: Sram X5 450 trips usually take the plain X5 and dart 2 fork good enough for us

flywheel: Sram 950 100

Fork: rock shox dart 2 400

tooth plate: shimano alivo 160

round Group: Jiu Jue disc hubs + DH19 510 to buy in this price are bearing it, balls to the high side before considering, because it can be horizontal force, but the price is still bearing good.

Brake to: Avid FR5 45

disc brakes: Avid BB5 350 (1 car copies)

V brake: Avid single dight 5 150 (1 car copies)

to cross the legislative seat tube: 200

Seat: MTB 150

tires : kenda 70 can also be on the maxxis, prices should be doubled if

Foot: VP550 25 of this a little weight can also be on the Ludwig's M20 65 yuan to the chain: shimano HG73 55

The price on the relatively high cost of this configuration !
280,210,8592010-01-29 12:26:57 +0000 #3
bearing the number and weight of a few does not matter! Circle the size of the shaft!

All other parts, you had better go and see, SHIMANO (poetry Romano) brand bar!

This, but to professional car accessories manufacturer! Such as: Giant, Arminio's professional race car, we are all part of this brand!



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