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Optional in order to track and field sports, an example circuit training method features the role of

wsdfs2010-01-29 12:01:58 +0000 #1
Such as the question under discussion to help to do!
realloved2010-01-29 12:15:57 +0000 #2
circuit training method is that each training, the number of training in different parts of the body, exercise and training equipment according to a certain order and well structured, pre-arranged according to the contents of the trainer program, followed by practice for each movement to complete all the campaigns, so that completed a cycle of training.

Cycle should normally include 6-14 months in different parts of the body exercises, each exercise exercise intermittently for 45-60 seconds to 2-3 minutes for each cycle of intermittent. A training course can be arranged one or several circuit training. This Lianfa more appropriate for beginners.

Cycle training method is characterized by: the full impact on the body organs, systems, improve fitness, increase muscle strength and endurance. Can also eliminate the boring sense. Local muscles can not afford heavy and difficult to fatigue, can mobilize the enthusiasm of the trainers to stimulate interest in training. According to each level of training of physical and gradually increase exercise.



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