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Science 800 meters to the right training?

5327560272010-04-13 17:10:14 +0000 #1
Adhere to training every day, morning, Xianpao 800 meters, rest 2 minutes run another 800 meters, has 12 days of the finish with dizziness, nausea and other phenomena, such training will you?
yjk20091172010-04-13 17:14:35 +0000 #2
800 meters is a typical aerobic anaerobic running program. On the aerobic and anaerobic energy supply can be very demanding, so training should not only improve the function of the heart and circulatory system, can enhance the aerobic capacity; have to work to improve the ability of muscles to enhance the capacity of anaerobic energy supply.

Varied pace of physiological effects, first of all is to increase the capacity of the heart, improve the process of running the pumping ability of the heart of the circulatory system to better work the muscle to provide blood to improve aerobic capacity, which improves durability capacity.

The physiological effects of intermittent running, is the muscle in the blood of the "over-acidification", in order to eliminate "over-acidification" of the working capacity of muscle, requires a large number of base blood reserves play in and role. Players have more time to better resist "excessive acidification" and not getting enough oxygen, it should improve the ability of anaerobic energy supply, which increased the speed endurance.

Steady running (or regular run) also varied pace the same physiological effect, often used, the biochemical changes in muscle contraction will occur, making the increase in muscle glycogen in muscle, aerobic decomposition of energy supply, increase the capacity of muscle contraction , and contrary to the speed required Fahui anaerobic decomposition and, for lack of exercising, weakened, so it affects speed impact of other special Cheng Ji Jin Er, so not suitable candidates for 800 meters Xunlian Ti Yu.

Sports 800 meters training candidates, the first stage to use more varied pace training; the second stage varied pace and interval running training alternating with; the third stage more intermittent running training.

2, week training program, training 800 meters reasonable arrangements

week training program is based on stage of the mandate training programs, content and requirements established. Weeks of training in the development plan, to accurately grasp the training of students, according to the current level of training the students, carefully consider the training exercise capacity, taking into account the special training. Week training program in the 800-meter training arrangements: In the first, second 阶段, weekly Generally a twice, and the third stage not less than once a week, training at intervals of not less than two days; to the quality and strength training ( barbell weight-bearing exercise in particular) deviates from, the general arrangements for quality in the Great intensity strength before training 1-2 days, or weekends, through Sunday adjustments, to achieve excess recovery.

3, the first training course and intensity of physical activity Physical examination arrangements

800 meters training, the first stage of gradually increasing exercise load, the second phase of increase in exercise load, while increasing exercise load intensity, only the intensity of the third stage not increase the amount of exercise (or reduce the amount of physical activity). The following is the second phase of 800 meters and strength training exercise class scheduling:

1. Varied pace of the exercise and strength training sessions arranged

Every time the running level is 800 meters distance of about 4 times specific, such as the use of 150 meters , run 200 meters fast, intermediate, as adjusted with 100 m jog, training volume: 12

14 Run Run 150 meters + 100 meters jogging; or running 10 to 12 Run 200 meters + 100 meters jogging. Run section of the strength of not less than 70%, jogging to the time period of not more than three times the Run.

2. Intermittent running exercise and strength training sessions arranged

Every time the running level is 800 meters away from the three specific times, such as the use of 200 m, 300 m, 400 m interval running, training, capacity: 10 12 200-meter run; or 6

8 300 m run; or 5

6 400-meter run. The strength of running the maximum speed of not less than 80% of their best. If the intensity of running 70% below the human body does not have enough incentives to improve the performance meaningful. (From users Baisha)
I Love Outlaws of the Marsh Q Biography2010-04-13 17:30:32 +0000 #3
transition period will be all right after a period of time, or more to practice it ...



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