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Jump rope competition essay

xmh200707072010-01-29 13:01:52 +0000 #1
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jealousy cell2010-01-29 13:11:53 +0000 #2
Today is September 3, weather was fine, my mood is very good. Afternoon, I have a few close friends engaged in a sub-skipping contest.

We got there on time and ready to have also brought a rope. Race had begun. I came in third. Our rules of the game is to see which person within one minute more than the number of rope skipping, and she'll win. We have also prepared a number of prizes, ready to sent to the winners.

The beginning, the first person quickly jumped up. She danced very fast, people simply do not see her in the hands of the rope. Unfortunately, did not last long, she jumped 20 fixed on the jump, and stop for a while Let's dance, mouth still says: "look at me, and definitely want you to admire." She says while Shuaizhao rope, watching up was also full of self-confidence. But she had stepped on an empty hop, amused we all laughed. She also laughed, and laughed even have to bend waist down, skipping had stopped. After a moment, before once again play continue.

It is my turn, I think I will jump more times than they are. I picked up a rope tried it, felt more appropriate, and started jumped up. I Tiaoa jump, sticks to jump even further. Jump do not know how long, I think that there are dozens of minutes, how are engaged in a minute how would I so long? Ye Hao, if I will stick to it, then I will not be able to multi-hop a few it? Their results are not better than it? I finally unable to cope, yet this time, the time has just arrived. I have this person suddenly collapsed on the ground and sat there motionless. Next to the person who told me: "You jump, 267, and now you are a first, jump up." I am pleased to have jumped from the ground, people also seemed to add infinite power. Some say: "Do not be proud of, some people may jump back even more than you." I did not ignore her silently watching someone else jump.

Game was finally over, no one behind the jump jump more than I do. Ah, I jump up, I won first place! I prize in hand, his face wearing a smile ... ...

hope to adopt

Thank you,
sweet baby's smile2010-01-29 13:27:49 +0000 #3
Tuesday afternoon, we whole-school students held a spectacular playground of the jump rope contest.

2:30, jump rope game started on time.

For the first time playing there were six students, the teacher gave an order, the students stormed the ropes with the inside. See, they dance more tidy呀! There are rhythmically shouting his mouth 1,2,3 ... ... everyone in the court's confidence in students, no one dares to widely sympathize with only peripheral vision with the eyes silently tells the boys, it seems like each other encouragement. I saw the venue on the rope shadow flash, grazed the ground, whipped up and down, like twisting golden snake issue a "whirr" sound. Dazzle onlookers students, see dazzling. Many students have followed the referee counts up, when the first group of students to skip the 20th, when the number of their front angle somewhat disorganized, and Zhang Yue students jump faster, while the fat the more students skipping slower LU Gang and see! This group of students has been inconsistent pace, and the first group of 26 students just jumped on the defeated.

Race continues.

After a child, and finally turn to our team play, and I am a little nervous start, and Li Yan classmates see my thoughts, she told me not to fear, and let us co-ordinate well.

Rocking rope classmates has launched, in the Yan-led by students, everyone is very homogeneous jump. The other groups of students are in the crowd shouted: "oil spill! Spill!" Willfully gas that we can more they shout the more Qi we danced, everyone was thinking: We must win glory for our panel呀! Must not fail. So we danced a more homogeneous. Field crowd of students voices higher.

About 40 minutes later, skipping game is over. We all ask each other how many teams jumped, we jumped this group a total of 88, won the championship, our group of students were happy to get jumped.

Contest has ended, but I deeply feel: only crowd concerted action, tacit understanding, do anything to win. Hey what unites them is the big ah!



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