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Bicycle 32 Drum loaded 36 boxes force the issue of professionals Come

155.01593 million2010-01-29 14:02:02 +0000 #1
I want to buy a 32 to climb Flower Drum (no way to solo is only 32) but the car frame is mountainous frame 36 to each side of that little, if Zhuangshang Qu 2 A total of four editors I spoke design two kinds of methods

because they can not on the map I spoke words describing

car frame around holes where there is a micro-distance of

★ No. 1 kinds of sub-vacant part of the two sides spoke of the spokes are in the same direction Spoke (Zhuang Shangqu all the spokes and the wheel frame is fit), but it would not be too many vacancies in some of the direction of deviation of the force reduction of

★ first two kinds of vacant part of the spokes of the two sides spoke was in the opposite direction (is the same as ignoring a mandatory Wheel box around micro-distance), but that although the vacant part of the force more evenly around beyond his limitations, but this will not affect the force-round box or the success rate of

the world so much want to have heroes to help this little brother are extremely grateful to this problem

by throwing a small semi-2010-01-29 14:15:51 +0000 #2
Although I am not a professional but I know that you conceivable spokes front and rear 32 * 2 in order to support the cars and people, if not by the words spoke, it can support live, what you think well, I suggest a change in your lap, or a change in the shaft 36, after all, you want to play Street and strength in that arrayed it, so let me tell you ---- you want to use the ring to play street mountain bike may only be SUN's all you can, and I had to play is to use Mountain Street, directly to the rear group is a scrap,
M Baoyou 1232010-01-29 14:47:23 +0000 #3
lap the car replaced with the corresponding best double flower drum circle cutter!



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