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How can we improve the Sit and Reach, 800-meter run, rope skipping

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how to make these three do their best
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Sit and Reach it stretching, very urgent, if pressed, but the first 2 days back hurt.

800-meter run speed is clearly the impact of sprint performance an important factor. 90

95% of the intensity of 20

60m run, each running 4 to 5 times, each time a break from 3 to 6 minutes, for 2

3 groups, which will help increase your speed. At the same time, changing the starting sprint position, to take standing, turning style and the road between the start, which also help increase your speed. Above that speed training should be of good quality, that is flat, dry, moderate hardness of the surface to Tao. The warm weather will help to improve the efficiency of such training. Cold weather is not conducive to such training, but after the completion of the appropriate preparations can be. The development of stride frequency: Best time 11 - 13 years of age. Focused on improving the rapid contraction of the muscles, strengthen the nervous system excitement and inhibition of flexibility training to improve muscle strength and muscle fast contraction relaxation ability. Training means: [1] high-speed front and rear legs to swing swing was contacted and asked to complete a reasonable fast swing folding technology, the more swinging leg great legs folded tight radius of the smaller, faster swing speed. [2] to speed up his feet touch the ground speed of practice to require as much as possible to shorten the time vacated. [3] Quick kick arm exercises, leg-arm movements require coordinated. Development step: step size depends mainly on the ability to run after the time of the power pedal after pedal angle, swing strength, swing speed and hip flexibility. Focus on the development of the extensor thigh, hip flexor strength and flexibility. Methods: The weight-bearing for-leg jumping, weight-bearing stride, weight-bearing running, weight-bearing dance steps, running steps, significant stride jump (which requires the active leg swinging under the pressure and lower leg from front to back positively touch the ground), leapfrog, single-foot jumping and other exercises to improve the ability to run when tread upon. At the same time, take a high leg lift running, pull rubber band a high leg lift "wheel run" abdomen jumping, etc. training means to improve swing speed, and to take a number of other training methods and training methods to enhance the flexibility of hip joints and muscles extension of the training. The development of the absolute speed: need to focus on step length and stride frequency of the best combination of technical movements and running the various components of space-time rhythm. Training methods: (1) 20-40 m sprint marching practice. (2) 4 * 25-50 m relay, buildup, running to catch up with practice. (3), downhill running exercise. (4) downwind run practice. (5) a variety of short paragraphs varied pace Exercises (1), and time ran 30-60 meters, 3-4 X2-3 group. (2) short-range X50-meter relay 2 or 4 persons X50 m ,3-4 X2-3 group. (3) to the distance run to catch up with 60-100 m, 3-5 times X3 group. (4) The combination of short distance running (20 m +40 m +60 m +80 m +100 m) X2-3 group. Or (30 m +60 m +100 m +60 m +30 m) X2-3 group. (5) Run the wind or downhill running 30-60 meters, 3-4 X2-3 group. (6) short-range varied pace of 100-150 meters (30 m sprint run inertia +30 m +20 m +20 m sprint run inertia), 3 sub-X2-3 group. (7) traction tape running (30-60 m, 4-5 X2-3 group. (8) repeatedly ran 30-60 m, 4-5 X2-3 group. The development of reaction speed and movement speed training methods 1 all kinds of ball games; (1) push the ball → hands and then start rolling the ball to catch up with practice (2) threw the ball → hands forward to catch up and catch the ball and then ran out of practice two games for the nature of the response to exercise ; 3 issuing the order or listen to the signal (passwords, applause, etc.) of the tread starting blocks of the practice; semi-crouching position, I heard gunshots and quickly jump up hit the high objects. 4 fastest speed of arm exercises, the duration of 5


20 seconds; 5 the highest frequency of various forms of running a high leg lift, duration, 5

10 seconds; 6 small step to run the fastest frequency, semi-high leg lift runs from 30 to 40 m; 7 after the tread to run fast to complete a distance of 50

100 meters (time, namely, step); 8 run fast stride to complete a distance of 50

100 meters (time, namely, step); 9 fast enough to run a single to complete a distance of 30

60 meters (time, namely, step ). 10 upright posture begin gradually and then quickly ran out of front tilt. 11-degree ramp at 2-3 on the runway, quickly uphill or downhill buildup practice, from 40-50 m Guizaijianchi!!! in pay attention to the long-distance running in the process should be uniform. Under normal circumstances the best scores are steady running hub, but does not rule out the final look. according to their level of training and the race start, we need to dash about, panic, washed several 10 meters will be to slow down. Then, to maintain its pace, it is best to follow the run, that is, to keep up with a less the same level with its own people. attention to breathing, to call three steps, three steps a smoke. is to get ahead 3 single-step, has maintained suction, pitted three single-step, has been breath. If shortness of breath, can not do, they call into a two-step two-step a smoke. Note: Do not copies mouth too much, otherwise, into the air-conditioning will be sick. If it is 400 meters from the standard space, that is two laps and a half, in the last 200 meters when the exhaustion of body strength, proceeding forward, when you can big mouth breathing, until the checkered flag. certainly be able to achieve good results . according to your ability, should use uniform run tactics: In addition to the starting line to run after the buildup and the final sprint, the way is basically a higher rate of steady running. Breathing middle-distance process, the body uses up energy big need for oxygen large volume, therefore, to master the correct breathing method is very important. middle-distance race on the way, in order to increase the volume of pulmonary ventilation, breathing nose and mouth at the same time when the use of breathing methods. breathing and running rhythms rhythm should match the general adoption of two Step one call, a two-step absorption, or a call three steps, three steps a smoke. breathing should pay attention to increase the depth of breathing. 7, pole "and" Second Breath "middle-distance race, due to the supply of oxygen to lag behind physical needs, to go a certain distance, there will be chest hair nausea, breathing rhythm is damaged, breathing difficulties, limb weakness and difficult to run again feelings go. This phenomenon is called pole. "This is a middle-distance in the normal phenomenon. When the "pole" appears, we should take a strong will to continue to run down, while strengthening breathing, adjust the pace. so, after some distance, the breathing becomes uniform, action, again I felt very relaxed, all discomfort disappeared, This is the so-called second breathing status. in the middle-distance movement, more a result of inadequate preparations, prone to abdominal pain, mainly caused by gastrointestinal spasm, this time the students must not be nervous, can hand hold the site of pain to slow down Paosu, do a few deep breaths, persist for some time, the pain will disappear. or to use to follow the run tactics: After departure, always follow the leader or a small group behind, and strive to exceed competitors in the final sprint stage, took the lead through the finish . There are running action: It should be noted is that running be sure to relax and co-ordination. This requires the establishment of the correct action based on the application of the foot-wide feet touch the ground, knees, feet cushion the transition to the pre-tread ground. upper body upright relaxed, arms swing naturally strong. Also in a few suggestions: First, before the game, "from today to three days before the game," eat or not eat sugary foods to eat before the game began three days of high pond food, race day, eat a meal Bacheng, better digestion, before the game 30 - 40 minutes by drinking water 200ML glucose concentration by 40%. In addition to eat three of Vitamin C. Do not eat chocolate. 2, conscientiously do a good job of warming-up before exercise. athletics is easily lead to muscles, joints and ligament damage, in particular, more opportunities to lower limb injuries. The only way to prevent the warm-up. preparatory activities for the more adequate the less vulnerable to injuries. could be jogging on the basis of shoulder, elbow , Beiyao muscles, legs and knee-ankle-joints and other parts of their activities, strengthen muscles ligament strength, and raising the body's sensitivity and coordination in order to prevent injury, you can enhance athletic performance. 4, movement or before the game, students should pay attention to maintaining Good sleep and physical savings, should be controlled before the game too much eating and drinking, but not allowed to drink. 5, exercise or competition, they should do a good job relaxing activities, so as to regain their strength and muscle strength. The method is to to relax the body parts of jitter, beat, double co-operation of mutual massage. 6. so when the heat off the body coat, long-distance running should be immediately put on after the coat to prevent colds. long-distance running shoes and socks should be worn when the soft and feet


we can see that you are a female bar should have a foundation. it every day practicing. I was test is to increase physical exercises every day, I will not jump that was it! 198 a minute later I jump



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