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"Marathon," the origin of the term

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the world's longest track and field events - Marathon

Marathon is a long-distance events, its distance of 42.195 kilometers. The distance from the events then why not an integer? This is from 490 BC September 12 Let's talk about a battle took place.

This battle is the Persians and the Athenians in Athens, not far from the seaside marathon took place, the Athenians finally gained the victory of anti-aggression. In order to hometown people know that the victory of good news as soon as possible, commander in chief to send a man named Ferdinand asylum Mile Di Andean soldiers back messengers.

Fei Dipi Rhodes is a famous "Scud" in order to allow native people knew the good news, he kept highly gallop, and when he went to Athens, it had not breathe, just say "we won ! "That fell to the ground dead.

To commemorate this event, held in 1896 the first modern Olympic Games, established a marathon this project that year Feidi Pi Rhodes messenger running mileage - as a race distance of 42.195 kilometers.

Marathon was originally a Greek names. 30 kilometers northeast of Athens. Its name originated from the Phoenician language marathus, which means "more fennel," because here the growth of a number of ancient trees, named after fennel. Sports, marathon runner have to name here.

Greek Persian War (BC 492 - 449 BC), the BC 490 BC, Persian King Darius I, crossing Hercynian intrusion, onslaught Attica, in the northeastern city of Athens from Marathon bay. Army bravely face a challenge in Athens, defeated the Persian army at Marathon plain. Been called the Battle of Marathon. In order to win quickly told the Athens News, Greece, sending long-distance race winner Ferdinand shelter Andean (Pheidippides) ran from Marathon to Athens Central Square (full 42.195 kilometers), only said one sentence: "We won!." Then fell to the ground died from physical exhaustion. The glorious achievements and its wonders and become a national hero in Greece.

1896 held its first Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin adopted the historian Tony Blair (Michel Breal) to the historical events and the establishment of a sports building, and named the "marathon." Competition followed by the year Feidi Pi Rhodes to run the line, a distance of about 40 kilometers 200 meters. After 10 years, the marathon distance running has remained at about 40 km. 1908 4th Olympic Games held in London, when, in order to facilitate the British royal family to watch the marathon will be the starting point specifically located in the Windsor Palace balcony, the end point is located inside the Olympic movement, starting by measuring the distance to the destination for the 26 miles 385 yards , converted into 42.195 kilometers. IAAF subsequently identified as the distance from the standard marathon distance. Women's marathon launched late in 1984, the 23rd Olympic Games, was formally included in the sport.

As the marathon race is usually in the outdoors, are more uncertain factors, so in January 1, 2004 has been using the marathon world best, there is no world record.

At the 2004 Athens Olympics, the last one the first time the Olympic Games men's marathon events scheduled for the award ceremony held at the closing ceremony. Greeks in the host view, is the Olympic marathon "soul" is one of the marathon athletes at the closing ceremony for the award, is a symbol of the Olympic home. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, has inherited this approach.
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the spring 492 BC, Persian want to conquer the beautiful and rich, thriving Greek city-states of. Bosi Pai and their invasion of a large number of ships across the sea of Greece, began the history of the famous Persian War. Days of unpredictable things can happen, the Persian navy at sea, the hurricane hit, 300 warships, more than 20,000 sailors buried in seabed. Persian army navy lost echo, like an armed, were Thracian attack, the Persian commander also seriously wounded. The invasion of Greece's military operation had to be interrupted halfway.

Persian king fly into a rage. The following year, he surrendered without a fight fantasy of Greece. He sent emissaries to the Greek city-states to "water and soil", meaning that they submit to pledge allegiance to Persia. Central Greece and northern parts of the Persian Empire, a small city-states fear of force, both knees surrendered. He added that Greece's two largest city-states - Athens and Sparta, how can their haughty head low? The Athenians to the Persian messenger cast into the sea from the cliff, the Spartans were thrown into the wells messenger, and let them to pick up "water and soil."

Darius's life had not been so humiliated, he shamed into anger, he decided to send the most experienced great general second expedition Greece. 490 BC, the Persian army crossed the Aegean Sea, in the plain of Marathon outside Athens landing. Precarious situation of Athens, on the one hand close to mobilize, strengthen vigilance on the one hand to send the then long-distance running ace Fei Rippey Andean night at double speed to 200 km distant city of Sparta for help. The long-distance running star athlete at an alarming rate with only one day more than they arrived in Sparta. But the Spartans have to ancestral provisions on non-round can not be refused to send troops to send troops. Fiji Rippey Andean pleading, but the Spartans were indifferent Fiji Rippey Andean no alternative but to resume life back to the marathon.

Athens, Sparta, do not send troops heard the news, they are not discouraged, they immediately put all the citizens to organize themselves, and even slaves are also incorporated into the army, rushed to the marathon, take a favorable terrain.

According to the law of Athens, Athens, 10 generals should take turns to master military power during the expedition, each day. To take major military action to be discussed in advance through the 10 generals and finally the principle of majority rules to make resolutions. In Athens, under the auspices of the military consuls Kaliwusi military conference was held. Was surrounded by 10 generals is a passive defense, or the question of initiative to start a heated debate. One is called sub-meters were too general proposition on the offensive. Voting, five votes to 5 votes. Archon Kaliwusi supported the sub-meters too much too general. In order to fulfill the command of the Adriatic m can be too much, the other generals are willing to give up their rotation when the commander in chief of the rights, so that m is too full command of the Adriatic one of the war.

At that time the army ten thousand people in Athens, together with 1000 reinforcements, a total of 11000 people, however. The Persian army of 10 million people, but also well-equipped. In the case against a stronger enemy, the meters are too Adriatic decided not to recklessly with the enemy, but to front a little longer than usual, the elite infantry arranged on both sides, positive force on the front is weak.

490 BC, the early morning of September 12, the eve of World War II, rice was too Adriatic to Greece to mobilize soldiers to do the fighting, he said: "Athens is always remain free, or wear the yoke of slavery, the key on you." He moved the people's words, inspired the soldiers defend the country's determination. Fierce battle began, the Greek soldiers in the following attack, I do not know on account of the Persian army, immediately counter-offensive. While the Greek army while fighting back the Persian army presses forward steadily. In the nick of time, soldiers in an ambush on both sides of the suddenness of a thunderbolt out of, from both sides of the pincer attack on the Persian army. As the pursuit of the Greeks the Persian army, the line was stretched too long, then into the Greek army's siege beginning and end can not be compared Gu, who thereupon hurriedly fled towards the sea, to escape on board. The Greek army to chase the sea, and the Persian army started to win the battle ships. A Greek soldier named Kinal, he rushed his hand to seize the warship, was the enemy cut off a hand, he refrained from pain, with the other hand to seize the warships, and finally with the win and his comrades of a warship. This battle, the Persians, leaving 6,400 dead and seven warships. Athenians at the expense of 192 people, including consuls Kaliwusi and several generals. That evening, Sparta striker sent 2000 soldiers arrived, I saw corpses everywhere moonlit battlefield.

M too anxious to win the Adriatic are anxiously awaiting news of telling the people of Athens, he selected long-distance running ace Fei Euripides to send the message. The long-distance running ace was already injured, but in order to allow fellow early to know the news of the victory, his hard running, and when he went to Athens, the city's central square, has been out of breath, he cried excitedly : "Happy Bar, Athens, we win啦!" cry just down, he cut down a scene and never woke up.

Persian War lasted for nearly half a century. Battle of Marathon is a clash of the first battle between Greeks and Persians, the battle has greatly encouraged the Greeks to fight for freedom and independence to fight.

To commemorate the victory of this battle, and dedicated themselves to the recognition of the heroic Fei Euripides's achievements in 1896, Athens in the first session of the Olympic Games, provides a new competition events - marathon runner. Distance is the distance from Marathon to Athens, according to Fiji Euripides year after the line is determined for the entire 40 km further 200 meters. In 1920, after careful measurement again changed to 42 kilometers away from another 195 meters. Fiji Euripides's name and a marathon battle with the Olympic flame will be generation after generation were retained in the earth



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