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Sing issues!

spookjiejie2010-01-29 16:01:15 +0000 #1
My question is, for instance

"You will be noisy in the world press the Mute

to select the most intense silent protest against

you are clearer than anyone else really sensitive to emotions, from sadness was actually the fate of recently paved the way


silent protest against the first part of Tears and the fate of foreshadowing I always sing not go

Is there any way can improve the bass

Do not use jargon is best to copy to their own experiences

something I did not understand I am not a professional. . .
G family break-ting2010-01-29 16:03:14 +0000 #2
treble the amount of ... a very good solution is to improve the constant roar. Improve the bass Well, my own personal way to improve this song a few tones, as the bass would be better to sing a little or else such as a cold has lost his voice singing (of course after that there is囧...)



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