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Standing long jump and 50 meters of the problem

Zumaoo2010-01-29 16:01:40 +0000 #1
the exam is coming, and could do neither pass. How can we improve the results within a month. Were practicing what to do? Each should pay attention to what? To be fast and effective, trouble you had!
ABC110110ABC2010-01-29 16:07:14 +0000 #2
50 meters in that even the whole body coordination and explosive power ... .. In fact, the easiest when you are running foot elevation point out convex .. .. foreleg as far as possible can improve the performance ... as long as the thigh strength practice will be passing out .. ..

written for the dance .. I think this is most likely to get divided. I am also a third-year .. I-li jump while only 2 meters more than six of those 14 years old .. not compare line 2 m 8 The .. (boast) .. I have never practiced leg strength. Perhaps it is natural bar. I asked my PE teacher. He said that introducing jump is instantaneous and the main hair .. the outbreak of the thigh muscle strength. . He said the practice can be enhanced up squatting and jumping ability thigh explosive ... I suggest that you squat 150 liters per day. points 2 times. we must adhere to. as long as you adhere to the .1 months or so will certainly increase 10CM / . but there is a skill .. Li-hop when you squat to squat with both hands to try to pull the final next point .. can not come back. I remember we must not slow the arm fast .. ... after the jump. body was going to to the evil to have the feet up .. and then try to Shimoji exam .. my teacher said that as long as the technology Enhancing words. I 2 m 9 is no problem .. why technology is important .. wow. It is very hard ah



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