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Wxl08152010-04-14 09:12:05 +0000 #1
Big Brother Big Sister you are 21 years old 1.75CM little brother was only 118 kg compared skinny body a lot of my friends say I am too thin in the strength of friends and almost the smallest I would like to increase the strength through push-ups and dumbbell can do 10 push-start months after more than one month of training can do 30 a (all standards), but also how the limit has been increased not get is at most 33 30 Pinlelaoming tell me how to increase up and to make their own muscles exposed to make me look not so thin Thank you!
cxtcbs2010-04-14 09:18:28 +0000 #2
Zhuang had to practice to eat the body

you so thin, no meat

practice what? Training bone ah! ... ...
Wei-Wei Coast2010-04-14 09:45:44 +0000 #3
First day: chest, triceps, legs, abdominal muscles

the next day: the back (including the waist!), Biceps, abs

Day: shoulders, abs

fourth day : Add Power Training

leg, said first look, the main part of each action group number 3 groups, secondary groups for each action, the number of proposals are 12,10,8, and abdominal and leg movements other than

before each training Running 10 minutes warm-up sweat, then stretch

now describe the action: Chest: bench press, bird, thoracic and other instruments folder (on the steep upper part can be trained to, the folder action to got to the middle part of the body)

back, Waist: sitting down, sitting row, bent over rowing, dead lift (this action will certainly have to find people to do the church norms, or do not do)

the shoulder: do first sitting on pushing, so there is strength of the shoulder, can do Lateral Raise, Lateral Raise, etc.

bent legs: squat, leg, upright toes

Power Training: The main application of the fastest to do push-ups, arm flexion and extension parallel bars, pull-up, etc.

abdomen: sit-ups , two from the other



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