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100 meters after injury recovery,

DreAmer_0002010-01-29 17:02:08 +0000 #1
a few months ago was diagnosed with mild lumbar disc herniation, rest for some months.

Has only recently begun training.

April is necessary to the college entrance examination. Had the training.

Injury before the 100-meter speed is 11 seconds now dropped seven of 13 seconds.

Run when feeling exhausted fully. Also how to run it up.

How to recover?

The best to me to formulate a training program.

Thank you in Jiqiu ah
up less 10212010-01-29 17:16:26 +0000 #2
11 seconds 7 is your best performance or grade point average? But anyway now can not hurry, do not let picking up an injury. From the practice basic movements begin.

For example arm, such as in-situ weight-bearing high leg lift, such as weight-bearing leapfrog, 100 meters require strong instincts barbell squat is essential, preferably physical education teacher pointing and gradual manner.

Specific training programs to be in conjunction with their physical circumstances of the case, since you feel that a short time, then efforts to adapt to the intensity has increased, adapted on the rise, but the premise must be the body can bear to live, remember that you have a good body The importance, do not lose the greater.

The best in sports training, when accompanied by a teacher or coach.

If at home, if the proposed combination of their own conditions and run stairs and a high leg lift, long as we persist, I believe you can.

However, you have time to really tight, I had a car accident six months, the leg muscles lying in the basic retirement, that forces are not, nor are successfully restored咱also no issue that it almost took nearly a year before feeling some strength from the heart.

I hope you can be successful in filling

another point, and my heart is very important hint, before going to bed, before training, running before you tell yourself you can you can you can do it, to say, I believe you will return to the previous level, even beyond their own .

Sports is endless, and fuel! Not be accomplished overnight, to pay to get

hope you will protect your body!



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