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How to do worse physical exam

MM non-mainstream MM2010-01-29 18:01:34 +0000 #1
the end of this, but ah, I started this,,,, sports only three points, ah, out of 30,,, how do yo, we test the two projects, a long jump, a solid ball, I did not long jump mark ah , solid ball got three points, I have not with mom, my fear of being criticized ah, everyone can help me do
00 facing the wall by 002010-01-29 18:17:12 +0000 #2
adhere to exercise, medicine ball depends mainly on waist and arm strength the waist can rely on to do sit-ups, strength of arm can rely on to cite the bar, remember, we must insist on doing every day, and the number should be gradually increased, so that it can effect.

Standing long jump explosive power through the legs, adhere to every day, in-situ Dunqi must have perseverance. The improvement of sports performance depends on the long-term physical improvements, not overnight, there is no shortcut to take.
88xjhn2010-01-29 18:24:07 +0000 #3
exercise to strengthen their own chanting.
LED flash2010-01-29 18:38:44 +0000 #4
jump to 1, in-situ from squatting, 20-30 a day, the very useful

2, 20 push-ups a day, stick to the third-year, will mean you'll pass. Solid ball is the wrist strength
12,345,578,9992010-01-29 18:17:19 +0000 #5
If I was a good scientist

In childhood, we always love fantasy. Some illusions have a great wealth to become rich, and some fantasy respect for himself as the mayor of people, and some fantasy he could become a doctor for people to eliminate disease, but I want to be a scientist who works for people.

If I were a scientist, I have to invent a magical clothes. Such clothes you wear to go will feel cool in summer, the winter will feel the warmth that people do not have to change clothes, seasons changing seasons to worry about. This disease-resistant clothing there is a magic function, wearing it does not need to worry about illness, because such disease-resistant clothing works well, people usually do not fall ill.

If I were a scientist, I would like to create a magical machine. This machine can be eliminated tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. Where there is volcanic eruptions, as long as it dropped opinions on-line, and she would no longer be afraid of the volcanic eruption. Because this machine sealed volcano, volcano eruption where the lava is also not out. Send it to the sea, it will seal the land under stable sea, earth moving also can not move, there will be no tsunami had occurred.

If I were a scientist, I would like to develop a needle can cure all diseases, and even the world, doctors still can not cure the disease. Because it paid all the virus that can kill the cells, as long as everyone injection of a needle, you can play a preventive role.

Although I still can not be achieved this wish, but I believe that if I study hard and grow up to develop, that time, this wish is deserved.

One day, everyone is quietly rest with, suddenly, the hand has no intention of rubbing the eye, the eye was stimulated, the tears, the tears flow to the nose, the nose, mouth and punched one can not help but force the sneezing, spittle splashed on the hands, the hand is going to contradict yourself, did not expect to sit at the mouth of the neighbors - ears.

"Mr. Hand", ears the first to speak, "I said, how do you swatting at me, to know that without me, you may hear nothing missing. However, you still want Cookin in my direction." "You do not is that the only listen to it erupted in two do, if there is no me, you should be hungry for a ± â ± â. "mouth began to worry. "You count what the root onions?" Angry eyes, "Without me, nature, colorful, flowers are blooming, you can see do? To say brother, I'm the person deserved it!" I have often reticent nose can not help, and said: "I am the boss pure and simple!" eyes, nose, hands and mouth with one voice to ask: "Why?" "You have these stupid guys, even this do not know. You have to Imagine if I did not provide oxygen to you, then you can survive? dare to fight with my boss, cut! "nose went on to say. Hand dismissively said: "Had I normally give you massage, you can have such a soft white skin do? Do you thing this group of ungrateful, I'm the boss miles!" "I" "I'm the boss", "You What kind of, I'm the boss does !"`````` everyone into a bustling, the sound is very noisy.

"Who in the noisy, gave me awakened." Commander in chief was originally the brain awake. Facial features, see the brain awake, busy before it went to, in animated conversation just happened to say it again, and invites it to judge who is the boss right. The brain meditation a moment for them, said: "Anybody who can eat, you can see, breathe, you can massage, you can listen to, who is the eldest among the five senses." Facial listening, effort according to the brain, then commander in chief to go做. However, to do anyway, nose only breathing, mouth only to eat, ears can hear, the eye can see, hands only massage, no one can do to give them the brain mentioned conditions. At this time, the brain of their earnestness, said: "You are a collective and individual role of individuals, if left the group, who also could not survive. Therefore, you should be solidarity呀!"

Senses listening to some of the brain so, know they are wrong, feel so ashamed. Since then, their solidarity and help each other and there is no such thing had happened.



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