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How to improve running capacity

Lucywangfan2010-01-29 18:01:47 +0000 #1
to measure the 800 meters and the standing long jump, and I guess I pass no play ... ...

Running running a lap on the Tuisuan not feel like you want to move forward Zaidao. And the feeling of running in the process is not a very good sense of balance.

Running the correct posture should be like? The body forward? Or how to ... ...

heard that the process will be running a "second breath"? That was what kind of conditions?

There are usually how should it exercise? I can only study up most of the night, most of the next hour. . .

Thank you. .
82,953,1932010-01-29 18:17:45 +0000 #2
this situation can only rely on exercise to compliance, and I also just ran about a month, and now able to run for half an hour every night, about 5 kilometers or so, most began to run 2 km on the impossible , and ran about two weeks, then slowly adapted to the increase in what the second breathing have not heard, running the key is to look at ourselves, according to the actual situation of their own to develop the timing and intensity of running, running the course is also regulated according to their own circumstances. Running posture looks like nothing special requirements ah, body upright, because it is jogging, do not need to lean forward, and hands uniform swing, stride and do not step too much. Running little know-how is to adhere to, persist in practice can not be worse than none. Practice running the former have to remember to do warm-up exercises to avoid muscle legs began to run will appear acid moving or chest pain situation.

Paste the following way to give you a running posture.

The best running position:

1, head and shoulders

Running Action essentials - to maintain the stability of the head and shoulders. The head is right in front of the road unless the grievance, do not pre-exploration, eyes watching the front. Shoulders should be relaxed, to avoid Hanxiong.

Power thrusts - shrug. Drooping shoulders relaxed, and then as far as possible on a-Song, stop clicking, and again after restoration.

2, arm and hand movements

Running Essentials - should be, arm around the shoulder axis moves left and right action by not more than the body midline. Fingers, wrist and arm should be relaxed, the elbow angle of about 90 degrees.

Power thrust - lift the elbow arm. Arms into a pre-prepared, after a start position, try to raise the elbow after the arm, and then relax before the swing. With action to speed up when you lift the more higher.


Running the trunk and hip movements essentials - from the neck down belly to keep upright, not leaning forward (unless the acceleration or uphill), or thrown back, it is a good breathing, balance and pace. Do not shake or a trunk about the ups and downs too. When the active leg before the swing hip, running when you should pay attention to hip rotation and relaxation.

Power thrust - lunge stretching. Legs before and after the opening, and shoulder width, center of the body slowly under pressure to muscle tension, then relax restore. Always keep the trunk upright.

4, waist

Running Action essentials - to maintain the natural waist, straight, not too straight. A little muscle tension to maintain the trunk posture, bearing in mind the impact of the buffer feet touch the ground.

Power thrust - front of body flexion and extension. Natural standing, his legs open, and shoulder width. Trunk flexion to the hands slowly sagging to the toes, to keep for a while, and then recover.

5, thigh and knee

Running Action essentials - thigh and knee exertion before the pendulum, rather than swarmed. Any lateral leg movements are superfluous, and easily lead to knee injuries, the thigh is the first priority should be.

Dynamic Tension - before the bent. Feet away from the station with the hip width. Hands on their heads. Piked forward from the hip. Keep back straight, until the biceps femoris nervous.

6, calf and Achilles tendon

Running Action essentials - feet should rest with the location of the body for about a foot, near the midline. Leg should not cross too far to avoid too large Achilles tendon strain due to force. At the same time pay attention to calf muscle and Achilles tendon in the ground when the buffer, landing leg should actively back pawing, and the body positive and forward. In addition, the calf before the swing path to positive, forward foot should try not to valgus or after the turn, or knee and ankle joints vulnerable to injuries. Can be run on the beach, check the footprints for reference.

Power thrust - stays wall toes. Face to the wall about 1 meter standing, arms-reach and shoulder width, hand stays wall. Toes, and then lay down, feeling tension leg and Achilles tendon.

7, heel and toes

running action essentials - if the pace is too large, leg-reach too far, will heel, resulting in brake brake reaction force, much of bone and joint injuries. The right foot landed the central part of the land and let the impact of a rapid spread to the whole foot
dada1111dada2010-01-29 18:14:35 +0000 #3
determined to practice
Love Xiang Yun2010-01-29 19:07:22 +0000 #4
actually not that complicated -!

Wanted to run fast is not easy -!

Tip: only toes point to - is to use toes run heels do not touch ground, lean forward!
Liu Shuo2010-01-29 19:51:48 +0000 #5
nothing should be more varied pace in the morning take a deep breath through the line of "second breath" must be running on your upset when will insist on running a line of the
King yong chao2010-01-29 19:53:59 +0000 #6
swinging arm is smaller! Nose and mouth with the suction! ! Time to grit one's teeth gently inhale through the mouth! This is not too cold air will be comfortable with a number of lungs! !



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