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400-meter run how to master the speed

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frequency quickly, do not cross too big +
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Hope the following information can help to you -!

400 meters Skills

a pre NOTE:

1. before the game for 30 minutes to drink some high concentrations of glucose water (Glucose is a simple sugar can be quickly digested and absorbed directly into the muscle), do not drink other beverages, thirsty to drink Whitewater, pre 30 minutes do not eat any food. Remember! !

2. Race day must not eat chocolate and other sweets, eating game voice would be tacky.

3. Understand the adversary situation. Whose high level, whose performance is good, be aware of. Secondly, their own fully prepared. Prepare a comfortable sportswear, bearing in mind can not wear new shoes, easy to wear foot.

2 warming-up

1. The first micro-jog sweat can.

2. Done stretching, pressure waist, twist, stretch shoulder and other activities, will be related to joints, ligaments, muscles activity to open.

3. Do 2,3 30-meter buildup.

The above 20 minutes before the race finish.

A later time

1. On the runway and do a few in-situ of the vertical jump, improve the look excited.

2. This time to pay attention to maintaining body temperature, do not let the body cool down.

3 game to 1. Mouth and nose while breathing, the tongue top palate, so that air from the tongue on both sides of the adoption can be moist air, but also to avoid the cold air blowing straight voice.

2. Starting corner to run 90% of the force of gravity to where the overall tilt, arm medial margin is small, lateral margin large, starting along the tangent line to run. The first straight run 95% power, high center of gravity step. The second bend to run with the first corner is basically the same, the most difficult times, grit one's teeth upholding great stride, center of gravity slightly lower. A corner after a strong early speed, inability to the late acceleration.

Before the game, in accordance with the above method more practice several times, slowly mastered enough.



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