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How within a short time to improve their sports performance

lsy9501072010-01-29 19:01:09 +0000 #1
I now third-year, and short of half a year in the exam, but the final exam but also with physical points, and I-level Department is the top few, but the fear of sports were falling sub - go, the fact did so.

Our school sport is 1,000 meters long jump and shot put.

A fear most is the standing long jump, the last dance performance was 1.90 but to 2.34 be considered a perfect score would like to exercise what the long jump ability, but at home is limited, do not know how to do, hope you to guide an under. (I live in 2nd floor, straining jump would be intrusive, that is, introduce a way to exercise your muscles, and some articles I have read, but the word too much, can not read, want to briefly point)

2 shot put, I do 1.70M. Weight close to 100 bar, a very thin one, shot put last lost 8.30M, but 10M is the perfect score, the ball is 6J heavy. In order to temper this, every night I have done more than 35 push-ups, in addition to doing push-ups, need to do other Mody?

31000 meters, I last ran 3.50S but to enter 3.40S be considered perfect score. Now every night to do 100 + high-leg lift, but also other Mody?

From the test only 20 days, I have to learn account for a lot of time, only the night before the workout about, about 12:00 or so in order to sleep, the sound is too Assembly nuisance, so I hope Which Gao Ren help me with. Thank you

455,059,2232010-01-29 19:09:17 +0000 #2
I am a second-class athletes

tell the truth bar a short time to improve physical transcripts by exercise is difficult you need to diet and drugs do work but do not advocate you to use drugs

eat meat, eggs, soy protein-containing relatively high food

run long-distance running before you can drink the glucose but the effect was generally

you still have six months is not a short can enhance the body

if you have willpower daily 15:00 to 4:00 adhere to exercise During this time most suitable for training

You can first in the sprint for 10 minutes warm-up and do something such as stretching stretching and other athletic basic warm-up exercise

to improve stamina you can shuttle run

increased strength of arm strength you want on-line quote dumbbells, and other sports such as do first 10 rest do 15 has been increased to 20 this be a group of such cycles per day from 6 to 10 group of leg strength you can do leapfrog but preferably not too much because leapfrog it hurt leg affect your life Learning

important is a daily sports End must be relaxing exercise rejection arm rejection leg massage the body

There are physically active do not at home, you can at school or at home in the vicinity of the open space

Lastly, I hope you have successfully passed the physical test, test success
Sea Lion upstairs2010-01-29 19:44:27 +0000 #3
I have a low profile to tell you. . . You can enable parents to find a physical education teacher to ask how to take full marks. . .
panpan2009072010-01-29 20:21:39 +0000 #4
every morning to enhance physical exercise, so that will also help you during the day to learn more energy.
Pro no land2010-01-29 19:55:38 +0000 #5
standing long jump and 1,000 meters can be run simultaneously, do single leg squat bar, 2.34 meters is very simple, I believe their potential.

Shot: push-ups is enough to keep up with the shot-put practice.

20 days, you can.



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