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Extra Angels n ID2010-01-29 19:02:13 +0000 #1
500 words, write to participate in solid ball, skipping the contents of the
chase Watch2010-01-29 19:05:56 +0000 #2

Today is the first X session of the Games X School opened its doors ... ... look at athletes in the field, hard work, I sat in the gallery, and my heart always told them: "whether or not successful, we always praise you, you will always be proud of our efforts to bar, athletes! to the stream splashing into the water, waves suppressed Feizhou to see who account for school athletic meets aotou.

in the sports field, how many laughter, how many tears, how many adhere to, how many regrets are converging to a harmonious song of youth, Nairen memorable and inspiring.

the power of human beings at that moment to show, hard work At that moment into the starting point of life, at that moment everything into a useless, only know that victory is not far away.

raised his head and is often in front of the finish line had been faintly visible. countless days and nights of hard work, will be Recently honored. sprinkling a hard sweat and continue lifting tired feet, a roar erupted Spirit in and continue to move forward, whether successful or not, you have once owned. Does anyone remember cheering at the end, shocked four weeks.

Ray drum bursts flags exhibition of new British dance limp Disgraced pork, chopped off wins in distress boast handsome son, and holding a crown in front of people Ying Prize reputation. second pioneering silent suffering, Chi Xin Impossible is not afraid of difficulties, he gradually year if Lingyun Zhi, dare to teach Japanese days on new ones.

Heaven and earth, what is the integration of the power to let you fly in the 100 meters on? What is the strength to let you use the power of hope lit the playground? the playground on the green, heaven and earth give you the strength to let you carefree sway dreams and hope, 100 meters, 200 meters outstanding strengths is the flying eagle, was fired the arrow, is flying the flame is the moment of the lightning! you are facing the valiant autumn and time you dispute in this short period of a few seconds you have left a strong and vigorous eternal. foot runway is an option, Ben Chu starting point is a kind of courage, gallop track is a kind of pride attachment insist that it is a victory ... ...

muddy Numerous walk, tired, tell yourself: too fast, to insist on a moment flow of blood from a wound body pain, tell yourself: Do not cry, will be fine. thrown to, tell yourself: get up fast, the world's few level road a deep breath, waiting for you is a difficult 5,000 meters. believe that victory will belong to you. But in this journey, you need your heart to face with the brave. We refuel for you, do you hear from the bottom of our hearts cry? difficulties and victories are beckoning to you, off to, go and ah, do not hesitate. go and beat the difficulties, go and win the victory! look at the wind of banners phase are cheering for you, kick into gear the wind is your fuel I believe that you will give us a sweat-soaked smile!

Maybe you do not see success, as you waved, but you have been struggling. hard before, believe in yourself and strength in mind. chic rain in your passion, the sun Your wish for the next release, there is no past your past, only to grasp now, you have no tomorrow, tomorrow, and only immediate way. the dead gone, need to understand that today's is the real you, use your real, your all the sway out of the hearts of hope.

is on the green seeds of hope, which is in respect of the seeds are golden dream, do not lie on a closed greenhouse, afraid of a thin weathered autumn, since I have embarked on a playground, and my heart should not think about it, the runway has been speckled sunlight, do not shy, not nervous, Qiu-Yan in the air for you to listen to songs, go and pick up piece of the golden



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