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Bandy legs of the run will be affected?

Oklahoma2010-04-15 02:10:30 +0000 #1
Romanian Space legs on the run there will be any impact?

Cause body swaying while running it?
fathomless sea of love2010-04-15 02:23:42 +0000 #2
(hope you read carefully, I put a very detailed, and on the leggings, and the surgery, how to tie how to tie, tied with what materials you carefully read the answer All the inside)

bandy legs to run, as far as possible within the side with the ground.

You look at what you is not O-leg.

If the accurate measurement of distance between pairs of legs, ankles close together standard method is then measured in a relaxed state, double knees and the largest distance between both legs, if 5 to 8 centimeters is mild to moderate O-leg . From your description to the look of your thigh middle there gap may be related to your childhood is not the correct position, and therefore if you do not affect your life, you can do it alone, if there is beauty, then it can use leggings this earth approach to correct


Your age can get very good results through leggings.

The best thing is sitting tied, tied at night need more powerful stamina.

Leggings hard every day, 3 hours, not out of any problem, I tied a year,

hospital fracture patients, fracture a cast, gauze properly tied six months, it will not out any problems So do not worry, and surgeries, leggings are the most secure and reliable.

I told you experienced leggings, leggings three Guan Jian, 1, tied to the location, generally the most leg bent Department, most options, double below the knee a little, 2, leggings efforts must be big, no intensity, no likely to succeed, after forcefully Fasten securely, double leg bones have Bengzhi feeling, 3, adhere to the time must be longer than three hours a day, best to stick half a year later, after six months will make you a pair of straight leg Well have to cry.

You read carefully, there will be harvest.

First of all, do not think you can pay attention to O-legged man, even if he relaxed standing, legs will not show the form O, and some mild O-legs, standing close together if the intentional force will reduce the number of Many mild O-legs, sitting, two legs to close together, like, but standing in the walk or relax, O Tui You show up,

normal feet together, the calf is able to close the middle, of course, some people can not close, nice legs-type job is very important for some, such as models, dancers, flight attendants, pilots, soldiers, etc., such as Guo Qiban soldiers, 2009 soldiers parade the requirements of the higher, their request is , the middle to hold a piece of double-leg poker. We demand that the soldiers were standing, legs straight, legs among several seamless.

If you are a mild O-leg, leggings can be methods of this soil type to change his legs.

The leggings are different, leggings can be tied to the ankle, calf, thigh, especially for mild to moderate, will receive the very obvious, but there is no discomfort to the body of a soil method, Guoqi Ban, many soldiers have used the parade leggings this earth way,


Audio Bible you know?

I am a relative of a friend 50 years old learning to play table tennis for 1 year to play every day, well actually the last 300 degrees of myopia was

also heard that a few years old and turned back to practice, and stick with it all out

as long as the practice stamina training is not out of nothing

leggings it more successful cases, and Key is no such determination, Guoqi Ban, village, soldiers To stand firm and straight leg is the first element.

O-type legs causes are complex and have acquired and congenital causes, most of the calcium deficiency and childhood, poor posture, playing O-leg soccer absolute count risk factors, an article reported that the O football players legs are normal, 20 times, you can observe the football players are essentially O legs.

On the role of exercise there is currently little leg pressing a variety of actions, in addition, is basically not very useful. ,

If you want to correct, only leggings this earth way, either the surgery.

You read carefully, I believe will help you

the first you make sure you change the calf or thigh, but most of small hamstring, so most of the leg is tied to the general is sitting tied, you can sit on the couch or the bench, two legs close together, and then, with a bag with shoulder strap or belt, etc. can be properly tied tie elastic material difference live below the knee forced Fasten two-point position, force properly tied, you can find pairs of legs are very straight to the golf, adhere to a longer time, at the same time get rid of incorrect posture.

Properly tied, you can straight or curved, time is usually a day, 4 hours.

If the small right hamstring was more severe belt number can be increased.

O out to a lesser extent, the general is in February so there will be a very significant results.

First of all, O was relatively light, if you leggings of time sufficient, such as daily, in 4 hours and leggings force is large enough, bind tightly enough, then one month The effects, in order to prevent a rebound, you can tie the time longer, to get rid of incorrect posture, such as walking, so what, as long as the tie long enough, it will only get better.


O-surgical treatment on the leg,

fibula to be truncated in the middle, can not be fully restored on the long, but in theory not affect the activity. Tibia to be a triangular incision, the broken, the tibia re-alignment straightened. Theory is the case. You must use after surgery pain pump, or hurts like you, pain of your seizures, but also inserted catheter, really is not a person live, after a week it was the most sad. After 2 years can not be strenuous exercise, and after vigorous exercise can, but also on your recovery and results of operations, with or without complications. How

tie straight leg, bone re-shaping by external forces and, therefore, is to receive one through the leggings very nice straight legs,

, dancers, athletes for example soy Diving beans, TAO, etc., have the inherent O-leg leggings are mostly corrected by the late, so by sticking leggings will receive significant effect.

Leggings material can strap, belt, fabric belt and so on can be properly tied selling online do not use tape because it is elastic strength, tie, and do not will not have any effect, leggings stretch to choose poor general material force must be properly tied when leggings, if the intensity is too small, tie, and do not bind no matter how long the efforts are useless. If you are a light O say. To short-term effective, 就 although only with leggings this soil, but the practical approach to a belt or strap tied to 3 hours a day hard about one to, 1 to 2 months you will receive very clear effect.

At the same time pay attention to walk, sit, stand in the correct position.

It is body belt, strap, cloth tape, or other materials can be properly tied tie the legs below the knee and the legs close together to stand after the first belt, strap, cloth belt tied tightly, securely, also legs feet close together and take seats, forced to live properly tied and fixed leg, middle leg gap if you can tie one, note that the intensity must be large, hard Fasten the middle of both legs after the gap can be made smaller or even closed, two-leg will be There is a pull to the inner sense of time is normally 2 to 3 hours in the middle to rest. Time, and to bear fruit in the short term can also be tied at night to sleep.

If the O was heavy, straight after the tie will be some increased effect.

99 Feb Correction parade soldiers leggings leggings

O-shaped legs, two months to correct "bandy legs"

"Every day training came back, wet clothes, change and wash three a day." In the summer season, the station Junzi training , the sweat kept dropping down the gloves. Feet move away, can see the ground in a pool of water. Wu Xiaofeng said that these people imagine the scene at that time are very common.

The training bit by bit, Wu Xiaofeng still fresh in my memory, can be relaxed conversation, but inadvertently "expose" a "defect": a half front teeth missing. Original, Wu Xiaofeng year training at a station Junzi, because too tired, eyes of a black, passed out, falling heavily to the ground, large front teeth was Kediao half. "At the time for image, mended, and then eat it Kediao, and no problem."

In order to complete the mission, no one care about gains and losses and hard. Because love playing, Wu Xiaofeng have some "bandy legs." This is read by the officers and men, but a taboo. The standard, between the legs to hold a piece of poker.

In order to solve this problem, Wu Xiaofeng bed each night are tightly bound his legs with Beibao Dai hard to sleep. Every morning, half an hour earlier than the others get up. "Because just up, legs are hemp, and leg swelling, can not immediately get out of bed, to ease the moment 才行." This bundle is more than two months, Romania ring leg is so hard to be corrected over.

I believe the above to your satisfaction, if satisfaction Give me praise yo, thank you
286166622010-04-15 02:36:18 +0000 #3
make himself in the running when swing
A1 Small Pig2010-04-15 02:56:50 +0000 #4
Romanian Space is not powerful running legs do not have much impact, but will certainly affect speed. Running outside may be some character, physical co-ordination.
Skull Romantic2010-04-15 02:59:09 +0000 #5
First position will definitely not look good, while certainly affected his balance, is from the rear legs into the o-, run up the right of left dangling a little shake.

Make recommendations to their self-adjusting through training at home, Romania is not a calibration cycle leg to the problems, however, if not afraid of hardship, their intentions certainly good!
Ryan52412010-04-15 03:33:09 +0000 #6
see Jackie Chan's movies will know. As the best image, text descriptions to be accurate than more.



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