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I choose you to see what sports special

Lonely without lotus2010-04-15 02:10:36 +0000 #1
I am now aged 16, height 177CM, weight 65KG, legs slightly rough. Because my high school grades are not particularly good so rely on a sports university entrance exam, the second objective is to break the country, and now I report my results as well as the reflection of everyone to see what I choose special. Our school playground is 250 meters lap

1.400 m, the best score 58 seconds, usually 1 minute 00 results. Not much reflect the full uniform complete.

2.800 m, the best score 2 minutes 21 seconds, usually score 2 minutes 30 seconds -2 minutes and 25 seconds. Just started running faster, almost the last lap very slowly drag the.

3.1500 m, not how to run, the best score 5 minutes 10 seconds, usually score 5 minutes 20 seconds. No big phenomenon, all the uniform complete.

4.3000 m, the best result of 11 minutes and 14 seconds, usually score 11 minutes 34 seconds. Quick start halfway full, full circle can sprint the last lap, the final 100 meters to 100 meters out of normal speed.

I usually run endurance training volume 10,000 m per day, 2 hours to complete, could insist on not slow the speed of running can persist in about 8 km. Varied pace around 4,000 meters.

1378852102010-04-15 02:21:02 +0000 #2
100M you do not know how! I suggest you choose 400M! I do not see how you like endurance performance! I am not a good year!
Eation11072010-04-15 02:30:39 +0000 #3
because you're a boy, I think your 400-meter general. If it is less than 55 seconds, then it has a better! Try trained, is not able to reach this level. 800 meters to see your results, then, you can actually see your general endurance. Long Distance running a fairly standard general method is followed in front of people quickly run back to accelerate. If you are in front of fast, it will be more tired after the trip. Your endurance is not quite enough, needs to be done. The other, I do not and evaluated.

Repeat your training volume, in fact, how much volume will depend on its effectiveness. The amount of light there, no effect might as well rest. If you run 800 meters, can be practicing the next 850 - 900 meters. Identify the most suitable speed for your rule on it. You try. This is the personal view only.
Nametoto2010-04-15 03:30:26 +0000 #4
actually see the results of 400 meters you write the best for you. .



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