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I am running when I play the highest state?

88748928412010-01-29 20:01:35 +0000 #1
Help me. . .
huanghunhui5202010-01-29 20:13:58 +0000 #2
I am a practicing track and field, and 100 meters sprint is needed is speed and explosive power, congenital factors, relatively large number of results is very slow to improve, who started 15 seconds, then also I do not know what you are the case of measurements? Running shoes? Plastic track? Junior high school students generally reaches 12 seconds or so very good results啦. 11 seconds, two players reach the national level 5. Can work. Skipping Yes, better known in the coach's testimony was some system of training, such as the legs and upper body strength is needed practiced. 100 meters is not a very good achievement to make.
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-01-29 20:20:56 +0000 #3
I can only give you some sun I think it is a good training for running, because you want to play well, certainly can not do without the usual effort, right?

100 run is divided into four areas, namely, start, buildup the way, running, sprint running. We are part of each

a target, to talk about the 100-meter run a training method, start (Gatlin start)

peacetime training, note the following: "all in place," after the password issued, athletes Shiver the body

, relax. Focus, straining to run 100-meter dash - features of a training to develop explosive power exercises: explosive force of two integral parts

OK, that is, the speed and strength. Therefore, the practice can use the following methods: 1, jump deep;

, 2, vertical jump; 3, weight-bearing vertical jump; 4, weight-bearing squat jump; 5, weight-bearing squat; 6, load

bow-step exchange jump. Second, flexibility exercises: Flexibility refers to the quality of people's various joint activities,

rate, muscle ligaments stretching ability. It is of great importance to sprint, especially

for the increased pace of athletes have a very important role, therefore, I am in training is usually

use the following methods: 1, body flexion exercises; 2, the pole Pull leg; 3, vertical, horizontal arm fork; 4,

rib body before and after the rapid flexion and extension; 5 kicks (positive side as well as outer pendulum All four aspects)

, sitting cross-legged knee, etc.; 6, fast Li squat exercises. 3, movement speed training: This ring

Festival is the key to sprint training, it is commonly used method is a supporting practice law, repeat method,

Competition Law and the game law. Where competition law is often used to speed training method, because time is short

speed practice, frequent use of race law, allows athletes mood, showing the most

at high speed. And the role of competition law, as athletes, high emotions can stimulate the same time, by

in the course of the game can lead to changes in a variety of movements, but also prevent the performance of regular arrangements for the greatest

rate caused by exercise "speed barrier" of the form.

Motor skills in general analysis: start does not slow, try calling referee feels the festival

played a password, preparation ... ... running (or shots), usually at between 1-2 seconds, you can mind from

"preparatory "Start silent number 12," two "count them on the start, so that it is almost the

case normally does not false start, false start if, as long as is not obvious even if successful.

Of the process of running to do: tiptoe tread, the body tilted forward, stepping larger, hand-swing larger,

leg lift is faster, two-step between a respiration.

Rate the quality of the project in the sprint is a special quality of the leading role. Speed training including raising

reaction speed, movement speed and displacement rate. The pace of development is a complex process of comprehensive development of the

, where the main muscle strength and muscle contraction rate of development.

Speed training exercises used in the main:

(1) increase reaction speed and starting speed.

(2) increase the muscle contraction speed and strength.

(3) to enhance athletic ability to the process of coordination and relaxation.

Increase the maximum speed of running ability to exercise is as follows:

(1) and time to run 3060 meters, 34 X23 group.

(2) short-range X50-meter relay 2 or 4 X50 m, 34 X23 group.

(3) to the distance run to catch up with 60.1 thousand meters, 35 times X3 group.

(4) The combination of short distance running (20 meters 40 meters 60 meters 80 meters 100 meters) X23 group. Or (30

m 60 m 100 m 60 m 30 m) X23 group.

(5) Run the wind or downhill run 3060 meters, 34 X23 group.

(6) short-range varied pace 100.15 thousand meters (30 meters sprint 20 meters inertial sprint 20 meters to run 30 meters

inertia run), three times X23 group.

(7) tape traction running (3060 meters, 45 X23 group.

(8) repeatedly run 3060 meters, 45 X23 group.

Buildup to improve response to exercise is as follows:

(1) semi-crouching position, I heard the gun sound quickly jump up and angle and high objects.

(2) upright posture begin gradually and then quickly ran out of front-tilt.

(3) in the 23-degree ramp on the runway, quick buildup uphill or downhill exercise , distance

4050 meters.

(4) The ball → hands to push the ball rolling and then start to catch up with practice.

(5) threw the ball → hands forward to catch up and catch the ball and then ran out of practice



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