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How to train tiger into the nest

Self 8800882010-04-15 04:11:12 +0000 #1
today to Budgerigar made a nest, how to train them into the nest then?
Ying Xiao Mi2010-04-15 04:17:45 +0000 #2
Budgerigar restless character, first start your nest they certainly do not know, I do not go in, be very wary ... but before long, they are familiar with this "uninvited guest" later, should go to her instead.

I want to ask landlord, you do nest is for them to lay eggs or give them to play?

If it is to them to lay eggs, they do not go in, there are several potential big reasons: 1. They are not mating, nature will not lay eggs. 2. They have mated, and eggs have to wait a few days, do not hurry, do some wood chips into the shop, raw eggs, female needs quiet, do not use the camera shot. 3. They both are the same sex (that is, the two males or two females).

If it is to them play, I would like to move the tiger good character will not miss this opportunity to jump into something ... like tossing their shit on the filled hole, the landlord must properly clean up your slightly!

Hope my answer helpful ,^_^



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