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Mr. Small Division2010-01-29 20:02:13 +0000 #1
Did Taobao those mountain bikes for sale in the end the quality of what? See pictures and description can be felt.
flowers were open Yuet had2010-01-29 20:10:51 +0000 #2

many shops Taobao things,

no matter what the quality will be produced by Original,

rarely shot with their own real map,

Even if that is the shops that real map,

it may be a relatively high reputation from some other shop theft of the map,

if the Louzhu have to go to Taobao buy, I suggest Louzhu to go to a better reputation point shop,

but no one dare not say for sure what the quality of the car shop necessarily good,

as I often go to buy things Taobao,

but I never bought more than 500 things,

because I know that , graphs, and the gap is not that the two items, of course, there is true,

So, Lou Zhu has already planned to spend thousands or even tens of thousands to buy a mountain bike, then,

better to take a moment to the store to buy,

I think that more is better.

Hope my answers help you.



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