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How to run faster. How to Exercise?

sheishuowo2010-01-29 22:01:12 +0000 #1
How to run faster. How Exercise can run faster? Which kind of training methods? How to strengthen the sprint power.

Answered good, plus points!
asong1456562010-01-29 22:11:09 +0000 #2
You can combine several ways through the following exercise: First, practice leapfrog the second is a multi-ligament stretching the legs and the third is about the leg hop practice (this is one of the most effective), 4 a high leg lift is a lot of practice! ! ! 1 hour a day practicing, this 5 projects alternating practice! ! ! In addition, you should start to improve your speed and hear the start signal agility!! Also in running time we must pay attention to his natural arm swing in order to improve the speed! !

Sprint To run fast, you are mainly to improve their lower extremity strength, or rather the contraction strength of gastrocnemius calf! !

While the sprint speed depends largely on each person's innate muscle fibers, is a fast or slow-twitch muscles more than many, but is also acquired through effort, training can be improved! ! !

If you can stand by the above training methods and training day 2, then the speed of your sprint will have very significant improvement!!

To strictly control a good training time, every time before training to make full warm-up exercise in order to avoid training injuries !!!

I used the school track and field team, specializing in the 100 meters and 200 meters, hope can really help you!!!!

Sometimes we wished to prove themselves more vulnerable to errors, the more normal level of play no!! ! relax more! -

Finally I wish you success! ! !
a399496602010-01-29 22:12:24 +0000 #3
If it is running a short distance, then the muscles are mainly explosive. Long-distance, then for the complex requirements of the body are relatively high. Short Distance: I suggest that weight-bearing exercise, when to run. Running is a link coordination body for the exercise is very effective. With regard to the weight of load: the first should be able to accept the weight of its own about 3 to calculate the branch 1; For example, load 50 kg of your body, then they can run for 200 meters! So I suggest you load 15 kilograms of body to run 1,000 meters. This can be seen to increase heart and lung function and degree of muscle tight muscles! Then an appropriate amount of increase in weight-bearing. Re-run when the attention of breath. Sub-step 3, a three-step call a suction ,6 ---- 9 ---- 6 and 9. A short distance, then part of anaerobic exercise. Is closed from the date! But it is recommended not to exercise the time to do that. You can run a 500 meters to 100 meters sprint anaerobic, pitted 500 meters to breathe again after the adjustments over a 100 meters sprint anaerobic.
tzy2005882010-01-29 23:22:47 +0000 #4
is very simple, you just sprint on the line every day to practice, no matter how far can be washed to make every effort line, even if only 30 meters washed the next day, still red, even if moving backwards, should not give up. This is a process, as long as you insist on 30 days you smiling at it, sigh of relief washed over 200 meters can not curse me. I am such a practice, and in the crowd I know who are currently not beat me, regardless of high or large than I did not set out outside.
Mystery Little Tiger2010-01-29 22:22:26 +0000 #5
hands to run when the forward and backward swing, do not swing to the left and right. If you want to train explosive power, you can practice badminton and basketball.
Fold-yuan2010-01-29 23:25:57 +0000 #6
regular practice running, mainly to strong sprint training. Also take note of the details of movement while running, as time passes, your running speed naturally accelerated.



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