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Descriptive essay of athletes

flashers Kombat Zhang Shun Jie2010-01-29 22:01:24 +0000 #1
Ji Jiji
Kaiser-Lin-na2010-01-29 22:17:49 +0000 #2
you picked points of poetry, let's see it -


ancient pottery forceful sound of the skies, picture stretch five thousand years.

Typeface writing the history of civilization, the planet spin-yao harmony chapter.

Smiles to greet the New World, footprints across the old era.

Yin-Hua Huo a tree Olympic nights, no sleep tonight, China.


a hundred years look forward to finally become a reality, the opening feast awesome heart.

Heaven and earth around me and you dreams, tai chi and yin yang illusion.

Lit flame creative, even a new flying pigeons.

Bird's Nest one night terrors Universal Who says China no Gao Ren.


sound and light woven highlights and more juvenile shift the eye wins.

Fang Zheng girls on Qiao Yan, Qiao Miao girls singing can be.

Muzi piano Fairy, Lin Hao flag waving large role.

Haley want to shot at stardom, mental need years of grinding.


picturesque gas Hui-hung, and the characters such as the shaft is always consistent.

All men are brothers, Continental arrivals Ju guests and friends.

Vision lofty self-confident, broad mindedness and more tolerant.

A feast table true intentions of the Chinese people love peace.



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