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How to measure the size of shot

insert trouser pocket Prince2010-01-29 22:01:37 +0000 #1
1. Can zoom in a little container filled with water to overflow of water poured into the graduated cylinder

2. With a ruler measuring the volume is not OK

3. The shot put on the water, in the kind of show the approach is not OK

No more than 3 points, are there any ways you help out. The good fight to the additional points
eradicate it cross2010-01-29 22:10:51 +0000 #2
long jump sand pool can make use of the ball perpendicular to throw sand

Ikegami then ruler to measure its diameter hole to drop out of the ball size according to the formula d

V = (4 / 3) лr ^ 3

can be considered as the size
huo13572010-01-29 22:40:31 +0000 #3
weight divided by the density.



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