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What are the benefits of running?

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Is long-distance running
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detailed as follows: running exercise is the most frequently used means of a physical exercise, mainly due to technical requirements of running a simple, no special venues, clothing or equipment. Whether in the sports arena or on the road, even in the fields, the woods may be conducted by running exercise. Everybody can own hands running speed, distance and line.

Running over the benefits of exercise. Frequented by young people jogging exercise on cardiovascular function, respiratory function of the development of great help. There are also many types of running, there are sprints, middle-distance, ultra-long distance running and so on. Paosu different, running away from the different effects on the human body is also different. Is usually long-distance running exercise is generally early morning or night, along the road or in the field environments, so you can tie in with the air bath, you can also get a break people's brains. For youth, a good environment for the transformation of the exercise can make their spirit to adjustment, direct contact with nature, so that the learning and social activities in a more energetic, vibrant.

Regular long-distance exercise, exercise is a more reasonable approach in general should remain steady running, the time for 20 minutes, heart rate maintained at 120

150 times / min. Usual practice of this method, you can consume excess body fat, to avoid the simple obesity. In this way a long-distance running can effectively improve the endurance, the muscles and cardio-pulmonary endurance work capacity can be improved. In addition, this approach, the long-distance running is also a determination of the exercise, if the young people persist in long-distance running can be tough to develop their endurance and perseverance.

As long as we jogging exercise on young people's physical, psychological development, are related to produce good effects. The principle of running fitness

those who participated in fitness running man, should pay attention to insist on regular and gradual, with particular attention to control the amount of exercise. In addition, we must learn to "self-control", which is particularly important. Because sometimes the desire to run will suddenly disappear, and this needs to be "can not run" or "do not want to run" distinction. Of course, if when you are sick Never run, while in other cases should be overcome "inertia", and exercise.

In the early training, running speed to no discomfort for the limits of the distance to finish is not struggling with it is appropriate. Running may occur after lower extremity muscle pain, which is a normal reaction, and exercise after a few days of this phenomenon will disappear.

To determine the level of their exercise levels, to participate in jogging exercise three to four months after some tests, tests in order to finish the 12-minute distance from the starting point for calculating grades.

30-39 years age group, 12-minute finish a distance of less than 1.5-1.8 km, indicating the level of bad temper; if can reach 1.8-2.6 km, indicating a good level of exercise; if more than 2.6 kilometers , that is up to the outstanding level of training.

40-47 age group, people, exercise the level of those with poor finish every 12 minutes a distance of 1.6 kilometers or less; well, for the 1.7-2.4 km; outstanding in 2.5 km.

50 years old poor, good and excellent finish are every 12 minutes while the distance between the points is 1.5 kilometers ,1.6-2.4 kilometers and 2.5 kilometers.

Do not illusions in the short term to achieve the desired results, only the regular exercise will improve the level of exercise. If you only run once a week, running long distances again, there is little benefit. Because interrupt running six days, the body has been running the organization the benefits of consumption was erased. Therefore, not less than three times a week running. Lack of exercise ordinary people who, once the determination to proceed with regular exercise, it is often too much movement, this will lead to undesirable consequences. In the physical exercise should be gradual and orderly progress on the day should be recorded in his diary the following are key:

1, exercise, nature, content, sustained by the date and time spent on each exercise;

2, pre-training, exercise time and exercise after the sense of self;

3, loss of appetite and sleep conditions;

4, with or without the desire to continue to participate in training;

5, the pulse beating case.

Based on the above record is not difficult to analyze the size of physical activity, and timely exercise the necessary adjustments. Generally speaking, running 5 minutes after the pulse should not exceed 120 beats / min, running 10 minutes after the pulse should not exceed 100 beats / min. If the pulse rate too fast, you must reduce the amount of exercise.



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