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Good sprint performance is poor, how to practice

yblaobing2010-04-15 15:11:37 +0000 #1
before I ran 100 meters in 14 seconds, or desperately run down, I practiced quite a long time, I also run non-training time, or when the fastest 14 seconds, I changed how do? 800 km run, and several I can, and is particularly bad sprint, 200m run half of the leg is starting G is soft, and run a lot, did not progress
mehhpx2010-04-15 15:16:31 +0000 #2
words: hard training Comprehensive lower extremity strength.

Sprint requires good leg strength and endurance, but also step frequency, stride and swing arm of comprehensive ability. Of course, the essential strength of the abdomen, so sit-ups to be done, preferably from both ends.

Exercise is as follows:

1, squat jump. Open legs, and shoulder width. Then combined with the arm swing and pushing the body upward jump up. After the closing leg tuck jump, repeat the exercise. (Explosive force and lumbar abdominal strength exercises)

2, leapfrog. But not squat leapfrog, but squat leapfrog. Note to continuous jump in the middle do not stop. Jump to grasp the distance between yourself and not anxious. Usually 20 - 30 meters. (This is to enhance endurance and basic strength thigh)

3, jumping steps or stairs. At first you will feel fear, but as long as the jump you'll find after a return is not difficult. The best time to jump wearing a shin, carefully scratch the leg. (This can enhance the thigh and calf shells explosive speed)

4, after school breaks can take advantage of this simple action toe pad to enhance the resilience and strength of the ankle joint to 5, weight-bearing high leg lift and high lift the leg. Find a barbell or other weight-bearing things, high-speed lift the leg and increase the comprehensive ability of the thigh. As for the high leg lift on the need to elaborate. (This is to enhance endurance) 6, running back step - to find the wall or parallel bars, his hands held onto the body to the ground 45 - 60 degree angle, fast switching leg lift, pay attention to the supporting leg must be straight, lifting legs as much as possible going up. 7, load run. In school I used to pull the wheels running. Very painful, but very effective. 8, varied pace. Generally run to 800 meters or 1000 meters. Straight at full speed, turn jogging or walking will do.

Sprint simply no tactics at all, so you put into the tactics used, others have long throw off you!

Personally think that the start is also critical, said that much more practice, starting after the 10-meter body to fully erect. The quality start was inappropriate reaction speed, or lower limb explosive power of the question, so I was always stressed above integrated the training of lower limbs, and now you should get the point, why do you run slow!

Finally a good arm that can affect your speed more than the proposed increase in upper arm.

There may be relevant to you, insufficient preparation, proposal 40 minutes before the game started preparatory activities, good preparatory activities can enhance the confidence of the

last wish to achieve good results and I hope my suggestions will be useful to you! Refueling -!
I want to triumphantly2010-04-15 15:33:55 +0000 #3
explosive enough, no way, more exercise to strengthen the body strong and powerful to run Well.
Wuya06082010-04-15 15:44:17 +0000 #4
think you are slightly out of athletics, Oh my

I am Middle School is a 100-meter 11s12s no way to train well in between

Keep up the good leg strength



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