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The skills to run 200 meters

hell78882010-01-29 23:01:15 +0000 #1
I am a third-year students, there are 7 months or so in the exam, but also from the mock examinations 5 months or so, I had mid-term exam when measuring 200 meters, ran 28 seconds 60, but in time to failure of athletic meets, and I finish the 100 meters, and have a turn no power, power is still in very good shape, that is, power is not enough, vital capacity is only 2800 or so, may I ask how we can improve your endurance, speed, step pair, frequency, as well as ventilation, wear spiked shoes attention to detail 1.1-point method, steps, thank you (find one in Shunde Desheng, or inappropriate training methods me) and say a few words here, the other mixed
Si Rain Candle2010-01-29 23:05:58 +0000 #2
running step length and stride frequency is an important reason for the decision Pao Su. 200 meters is a sprint, so the pursuit of a very fast sprint, rather than long-distance running most in need of great endurance. Quick run requirements: 1. Reaction speed 2. Moves faster 3. The development of acceleration 4. The development of maximum speed capacity of 5. The development of speed endurance



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