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Just started running inside the soles of the feet caused pain in his left foot ... why? ? Country? ?

heaven flying pigs2010-04-15 20:11:03 +0000 #1
N in no movement, and the last floor is tired ... involves the end of this year to go to military service, 2 days before I run to the playground.

I have on my current fitness, jogging at most 2 turns on the tired half to death .... I know that should be gradual, but I'm stronger, I obstinately ran six laps, which is beyond my limits. Originally the first two days I just want to run three laps, I temper that cow up, and then ran six laps ... to the first 3 days, my left foot inside the extremely distressed, and I did not twist to the running Wei did not to hurt, ah ... how come the very severe pain and now have problems walking, and limp. But right leg all right, my pain normal What? Zehui Shi ah
playing Baby Bear2010-04-15 20:18:11 +0000 #2
First of all, I want to tell you that this is normal pain, you can rest assured; general phenomenon in the early stages of movement , later to be gradually alleviated.

Generally speaking, in the absence of serious external and internal forces of the situation, leading to pain in general, soles of the feet, almost most are due to strenuous exercise, excessive movement caused by intravenous nervous spasms, convulsions people produce in a short period, drilling pain, and many of discomfort.

For the situation you described above is due to your intense exercise lead to local nerve endings caused by poor circulation, while The feeling when you walk, foot pain is a normal reaction mechanism of mediation. Could not be said before you go, that is, lying down activities in the foot a little activity, resulting in foot nerve stretch, then, will cause you discomfort.

This clinical phenomenon is completely normal, without treatment, without medication, more rest the next few days on their own rehabilitation.

But here I want to emphasize is that different people, different physical and metabolic functions are different, so exercise is to live within its means, must not seek temporary regardless of its consequences. According to international statistics on the latest exercise physiology point of view, the consequences of excessive movement is random and generally unknown, can cause severe myocardial infarction, severe muscle spasm caused by impatient, and even sudden death, Weiweianfu and Pouey Horta is an example of a live, is our lesson.

So this suggest that you, movement is Weile improve our physical quality is to increase our lung capacity, plenty of our spirit and balance the body's Yingyangfenpei Wu Zhi; Dan excess of the movement often bring bad consequences, so Xiaci exercise must be carried out according to their training, because movement is not a competition, not confrontation, but more than their own and competes.

Another point, I suggest you do next time to fully warm up before exercise, to their limbs, joints, makes an adequate flow of blood, so that Ti veins are stretched, so that effectively all significantly reduce the unnecessary movement is damaged .

Above conjunction with their many years of exercise experience and the professional principles of Xing Yan Jiu, Jin's views and ideas on my behalf, Zai this, Xi Wang Neng you have a good Shenti, resume as soon as possible!
Small Dongzhuang home2010-04-15 20:32:51 +0000 #3
your situation I have had is that the preparatory activities you did not do a good job, running the foot pedal when the plantar tendon injuries caused by excessive soil fertility, pain, not hard running, a stomp on the pain, leg immediately Shui, and usually walk all right.

Solution: the preparatory activities to do full, stomp power from small to big, slow to adapt. Running with the degree from slow to fast, slow speed. Warming would also foot the tendon tension, help to restore.



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