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Scientists believe that human beings seek cross-bar limit the speed of 110m and 110m world record fo

Fei Long Ranger2010-04-15 20:11:09 +0000 #1
To be with time, name, nationality and the use of time recording!
zlf2772010-04-15 20:15:34 +0000 #2
110 meters hurdles 110 meters from the runway straight and 10 hurdles, of which the distance between each column is 10 meters, the athletes have to cross that were selected and first crossed the 10 be considered the end to win. Men's 110-meter hurdle race of the column height is 106 cm (as opposed to 400 meters high column Hurdles 100m Hurdles and the column height) game, players must cross the 10 hurdle, in addition to deliberately push or hand kicked down hurdle, the rest of the body is not foul knocked hurdle. Some experts predict that the human limit of 110 meters hurdles is 12 seconds 78.

【110-meter hurdles world record】

The current world record 12.87 seconds, the Cuban teenager Roberts in Beijing June 13, 2008 At Ostrava, Czech Republic at the Athletics Grand Prix men's 110-meter hurdles Competition to create. This is broken up by the Chinese players Liu Xiang in Beijing July 12, 2006 (local time July 11) Lausanne Super Grand Prix track and field men's 110-meter hurdles in the race to create a world record 12.88. (Liu Xiang broke the world record in 12.88, while American athletes and 12 seconds 多米尼克阿诺 Germany also broke the world record of 90, but Liu was 0.02 seconds faster than him!) In that previous world record of 12.91 seconds, by the British Vail Sri Lanka's Colin Jackson in 1993 to create and maintain, and this record at the 2004 Athens Olympics, Liu Xiang, the Chinese players were tied.



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