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Solid ball throwing action essentials?

night cloud night rain2010-01-30 00:01:33 +0000 #1
(1) I am a third-year students have physical examinations in the first half of next year, I threw a bad ball solid, I have 1 meter tall and about 7, please Which sports master pointing pointing, (if they know how long jump, long jump is also OK) has a good video tutorials are also OK, attached URL. (2) Does the standing long jump test solid ball 1000 meters run (I am a male) passing score full marks were in the number of outstanding points? (Answer this question I was satisfied with the other offering a reward of 100)
leiwen1002010-01-30 00:08:58 +0000 #2
I in the examination of sports experience, super-effective:

1, before and after the opening of two feet apart at about 50cm-80cm, two hands holding the medicine ball After the first, the body later Yang, there is a slight back bow. 2, throwing, it will be solid after the ball from beginning to the body through the top of the head before the pre-swing 1-2 times, when the start of the second pre-swing, led by the shoulder and forearm, upper leg thrust, swing speed accelerated tread and in the use of lower limb Lumbo-abdominal strength quickly placed the ball around a solid upper body into a 45 ° angle with the direction, forced the ball stripped the lower extremities and feet with both hands at the same time to exchange positions.



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