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Explosive power and agility to improve muscle

Drew to children2010-04-15 23:10:21 +0000 #1
I like sports, muscle training for a long time, and now can see the block, but the poor performance of

1: I always could not get the speed to run to see other people's feelings run very elastic , and I feel like wearing the same skirt

2: cast shot the teacher said I action is regulated, should be the strength of the problem, but I arm strength is not small, can do 60 push-ups at one go, the outbreak of the problem?

3: flexibility and speed, baseball can not always take the ball, and chew, including a game of tennis

how do ah? Find a contact, first thank the
waffenssmars2010-04-15 23:12:25 +0000 #2
increase explosive muscle and agility training equipment can not only watch what you


every time on the volleyball team finished strength training there is an important part of post-call force conversion training

such as sprinting, etc., this is a very important part of the problem is more evident

shot, this movement is mainly by lumbar and leg strength, upper limb is only secondary,

If you would professional athletes, and coaches a good talk about it

If practice makes perfect their play
out of you2010-04-15 23:39:12 +0000 #3
have to increase the resistance to continue to improve muscle strength. Raising it in the way: ① regular participation in various sports competitions or re-heated De physical activity, resulting in increased muscle contraction, improve muscle mass, improve muscle function 目的; ② continuously conduct external resistance increase the load on muscles Kang Lian Xi, Zhe Yang can gradually increase muscle strength by exercise and; ③ to resist a fixed object or maintain a state of the muscles at a relatively static, tight, hard, continuous seconds and then relax the muscles, static exercises that can enhance muscle tension, rapid increase in static power. Strength training methods varied, flexible and can be used according to local conditions, especially in parts of the body strength training, according to their own situation can be targeted to. Such as increasing the strength of the upper limbs and waist can do push-ups, regular on the wall handstand, sit-ups, play sand bags. Can be used to increase lower extremity strength and martial arts in a variety of stances squatting jump method (such as one foot straight jump, lunge jumps, leapfrogging, squat jumps and steps, etc.) to practice. In addition to hand practice, but also can be practiced with a variety of devices, such as using dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells and other weight-bearing exercise. In addition, three methods can be used to improve explosive power: first, when the practice of a technical action, in the case of not reducing the rate of increase in strength; the second is not to reduce the power of increasing velocity; third, while increasing strength and speed. Training in power quality, short period of time by practicing the power dissipated soon after cessation of training. On the contrary, gradually acquired the power to keep the time long. 3, speed quality. Quality refers to the speed in the shortest time to complete an action or happening in the outside world to reflect the rapid accordingly. In defense of the implementation process, not only moves the way, leg, shenfa to rapid changing, faster response, and clear-cut when the completion of action. Rate the quality of the defensive operation in the specific performance in three aspects: first, reaction speed, that is, a sudden intrusion of various stimulation can prompt response; 2 is the displacement speed, which can quickly through a certain distance from the capacity; 3 is Dongzuo speed, the main means to quickly complete the necessary skills Defense of motor ability. Accelerating movement frequency, with the fastest speed to repeatedly practice a particular action is an effective way to improve the quality of speed. Such as fast time-boxing, the fight against conditions, the repeated practice of a technical action, strengthen the position of sudden exercise (such as watching gestures, movements or listening to sound to complete an action



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