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800m He walked nearly 5 minutes, such a practice can improve early May next year, how much?

grass_fly2010-01-30 00:01:58 +0000 #1
My supine and dribble a 9 points a 8.5, but they are 800 giant rotten, each would have a look

1-2 hours on the third-year, after a lot of rotten than ever before, recent testing has been 4 minutes and 50 Less than 5 minutes a day look like

Now the school distance running in winter 1200, until the next exam. Then PE is a warm-up three laps, running stairs, and then 2-3 laps to run, three times a week physical education. I quite fat, girls, 163cm +, and then 60kg + 1:00 ,61 - 63 or so. 3 minutes and 30 is the perfect score, 4 points is probably a little too like 4-5 points, but also acceptable. Would like to ask, such a practice, then the examination next year, early in May, about 4 minutes to go to do?
captwei2010-01-30 00:12:53 +0000 #2
to see how you'd like to go to exercise and fitness instructors, under the proposed question, or sports, people with expertise who give you out a regularly scheduled .. but main question is whether you have the determination to learn all .. If you are From now on, to keep open the middle of next year, in May I believe, four points should be very easy and you still have a good size - I wish you success! Must adhere to live .. Do not give up!
Fitness Track and Field Consultant2010-01-30 00:21:28 +0000 #3
with dihydrotestosterone month, absolutely no problem



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