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Track and Field Hurdle-step exercises

Large Hai Beibei2010-01-30 01:01:09 +0000 #1
Hurdle three steps would now like to practice on the field, how to exercise? Which parts of the body or the development of power? How to develop the strength of these areas? Thanks!
My 12 seconds2010-01-30 01:17:42 +0000 #2
very simple rhythm is very important inter-column and then the attack speed and Yaokua column strength and ankle strength in the amount of time to pay attention to strengthening the power to seize the winter training Yaokua ankle and the timing of spring training to be a good spring training, winter training and the intensity of
a bottle of Blue Erguotou2010-01-30 01:19:15 +0000 #3
1. First of all, to understand the hurdles of general knowledge, the establishment of the technical concept of Hurdle

2. to learn and master the initial steps and columns between the hurdles Running Technique (from across the barriers and low hurdles start)

3. to improve and perfect the steps and columns between the hurdles to run technology: in situ carried out swinging leg attack bar, jogging to do in the field side of the swinging leg over the hurdle technology, since in situ to cross-leg pulling exercises, jogging in the starting cross-leg exercises to improve arm movement, bar running between the technical,

4. entire running technique

strength exercises? ? Sprint is a demanding project muscles, muscle must have good flexibility and explosive power. At least to ensure that lower limb strength and flexibility, while a strong upper arm would also be useful for speed! ! There is a core strength, abdominal waist! !

As a beginner, basic training of these forces is to be noted! The development of basic strength of the first and then gradually refine and strengthen! !

Recommended: barbell bench press, squat, squat, snatch, the way running exercises, core strength,

Technology is the key! ! ! To heart

I wish health, big Hai Beibei refueling



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