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Running 4,000 meters (20 laps 200 meters) skills

lilihan1112010-01-30 01:01:34 +0000 #1
School to be held in a running race to 4,000 meters (might as well say that ...), I run a marathon too slow, what tips can be taught? How can run fast? How to avoid abdominal pain next? We help out啦-
feng_jian_yue2010-01-30 01:05:05 +0000 #2
long-distance running should be the most important leg strength and endurance

training, endurance and leg strength method: increase the long-distance running leapfrog jump high leg lift carry Stair Climb the stairs to do the barbell squat stand, etc.

long-distance running's breathing method: Step 3 Step 1 Call a smoke two or three steps a call in step 3 a suction

running long-distance law: He walked inside the Road 2600 meters before the rhythm with their own small steps to run the pace can not be too big arm can not be too Otherwise will soon affect your ability to sprint! ! 2600 - 2850 buildup buildup is slowly increasing the speed of foot steps in and out too fast, but can not be the most critical is the final 150 meters sprint race pace with a foot bigger faster arm speed but also larger point Fast but also with its own rhythm and speed to run!
tangxiong077152010-01-30 01:42:07 +0000 #3
you say too much trouble,

simply, do not want to run when there are more long-distance.

Looked in front of people's feet running,

run before the warming-up must be good.

I said, are temporary, wanted to run well, usually more practice very



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