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I am 1.68 meters, standing long jump 2.8 meters, an impromptu long jump to jump far?

yjyangjianyj2010-01-30 01:01:53 +0000 #1
I am 1.68 meters, standing long jump 2.8 meters, an impromptu long jump to jump far?

Know, to say

thank you!
hzy27842010-01-30 01:08:58 +0000 #2
1. standing long jump 2.8 meters to show that you explosive power is also good for practicing the long jump.

2. Standing long jump, long jump, and STOP technologies, standing long jump performance can not be used to measure the E-STOP's long jump results.

3. I am a professional practice 100 meters of the athletes, 100 meters 11.2 seconds, standing long jump 3.10 meters, long jump specialized training in emergency stop for some time, 6.6 meters, limited success.

4. We are team to have a child, body type is very thin and small, standing jump 2.70 meters, but the speed is 11 seconds, STOP jump 6.9 meters.

5. Our team the high jump, long jump boss, height 1.78. 100 meters 11.2 seconds jump 2.12 meters, the second China Sports Federation. Long jump 7.60 meters, breaking the provincial record.

So, everyone's situation is different, long jump technique is also very complex, depending on your circumstances, a reasonable practice, be able to jump over 6.5 meters.
Who are you sunshine2010-01-30 01:28:44 +0000 #3
your explosive power is also good, but you is standing long jump, you can only say that explosive. You have to kind of run and jump, depending on your speed, and technology, a combination of factors. When I was in junior high school dance wearing shoes standing long jump is 3 meters, 23, run and jump is a 7 m 35 I am a country two athletes, triple jump, when 14 meters 2, 100 meters speed of 11 seconds. Height 1.86 There are many cattle people. We are students height of 175. That guy jumping ability is very strong and can dunk. Severe. Playing basketball very much cattle. You have to like these you can the system of training, if you go to school now, you can participate in school teams, system training for one year of your standing should be able to reach the 3-meter bar. If the speed of your 100 meters 12 seconds or so, plus you have the explosive speed and power, run and jump 5 meters is estimated that should be 8 - 6 meters between the five. A total of your reference. This is a combination of factors also can decide.



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