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Smoking will affect the physical distance running do? How it can enhance the physical long-distance

On the 30th element2010-01-30 01:02:05 +0000 #1
engage in a 1,000-meter time of school examinations, I've had. Third year, when they test, but 45 meters on the sense of tired. I think of. Perhaps it is now time to start pumping my High School the relationship between smoking again. but do not know is not. feel no other reason. I would like to ask has nothing to do and then how to participate in the physical?
Sea-phase2010-01-30 01:04:53 +0000 #2
I study of biological science is still good. . Is also the Sports Health! Oh, my proposal is very authoritative. .

Smoking back to seriously affect the person's lungs elasticity of nicotine smoke inside the lungs slowly back to rigidity, loss of flexibility! Thereby reducing lung capacity! And the tobacco smoke produced by combustion of solid small particles with the airflow into the lungs, that would clog the alveoli, and more reduced lung capacity!

Vital capacity less than would like to ease the completion of long-distance running is very difficult! Also should pay attention to long-distance running is the respiratory adjustments, there must be the law, do not suddenly fast suddenly slow, this will increase the burden on heart and lung. With the vital capacity, with the correct breathing, often跑跑, physical naturally will come up!
z7441369622010-01-30 01:36:47 +0000 #3
Council, smoking on the body nothing good! so do not apply again and again the. quit the bar!



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