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Bicycle racing rules???

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Such as the title
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Cycling cyclists formed due to the air power while in the course of the game is limited, but this limitation of self-protection measures are there are provisions: the protection of the windshield and other used to reduce wind resistance, or to artificially accelerate a subsidiary of equipment is prohibited. In most of the game, special handlebars are also disabled.

Car size in length shall not exceed 2 meters in width shall not exceed 50 cm, body weight should be between 8-10 kg.

Other rules

1 participants must wear helmets.

2 T ride to keep out the wind at the time the race is not allowed when the players were very close between, they will not be used to stimulate the formation of the previous players help, on the contrary, followed by team members must be two meters from the side out of the way when empty.

Qualify would have a total of 212 cyclists in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games a showdown. To participate in track cycling team members are constantly competing on behalf of the State Qualifying Tournament, the team is based on the world ranking of the top riders to choose, but the former world champion has also been counted. In addition, the time race course is divided into two kinds of 40 and 25 km. In the world on four continents - Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas, have carried out the qualification tournament. In addition to qualifying to participate in these major other than those qualifying defeat in the world players can also participate in the so-called "World Championship B station" game.

Mountain bike mountain bike race from the outset, be seen as a stand-alone bicycle race. Participants when they try to avoid too flat track, and choose a more rugged and dangerous mountain roads to test their strength and bicycle technology.

It is precisely because of this, players must be equipped with quite a good bike control technologies, they also must be equipped with a good performance and strong and durable bike. Therefore, different from mountain bike and other bike. Although the mountain bike race bike for the bike models or parts of the models do not have to make special provision, but because of competition needs, people often choose a larger bicycle tire contest.

Men's mountain bike race mountain bike race's stage 40 to 50 kilometers (usually 6-7 rings), while the women's mountain bike race's stage is relatively short, only 30-40 km (usually 5 to 6 laps). A length of 6.9 km per lap, so there is the advantage of allowing players to obtain the best total score. In general, the best men's score of 2 hours 15 minutes 2 hours for women, but because of other factors, competition results will be higher than this time for 15 minutes or less 15 minutes.

According to a top player finished riding a lap time, the organizing committee made the game results of the forecasts. Then, again based on these estimates to determine the number of race laps. For example, if a top women's player riding a mountain bike race finished a lap take 30 minutes, then the competition provisions of the organizing committee will schedule the game for four laps, so the competition is likely the best total time is normal 2 hours.

Mountain bike race organizers the night before the game according to the prevailing weather conditions determine the final total distance race. If the race day abnormal weather changes, the organizing committee will also change their original decision.

Games ago, the players set the starting point in the game. Starting gun sounds, and players out all the stunts, a length of 1.8 km race finished the first part, the players returned to the originating game sites, but also will be the end of the race. Then they began the race in the official Cyprus Road to complete the scheduled number of laps in advance. The first player to ride over the finish line is the winner of this contest.

Mountain bike race and road cycling and track cycling a great difference, that mountain bike race of the players can not accept any form of assistance. Participants in the race to bring their own car repair tool, and if the bike is broken during the race, athletes should be responsible for their own repairs. Once the players to accept any help from outside, he will be immediately disqualified.

Team members once they are found to have competition pushing other players, or leaning on others, or pulling someone else's campaign Shandeng infractions, will be expelled from competitions. In such circumstances, the players can first complete the Department of riding a stage, and then matches the Organizing Committee will inform the team because of a few of the foul foul lost the race the final rankings.

The referee of this game based on the nature of team fouls and team fouls the impact of the results of the competition team members to make penalty. Players in the game, if the last stage of interference with other players, then the team fouls will be disqualified. For security reasons the game, participants could exchange protection glasses, you can track specific locations to accept food and drinks. Team members in other places if the food will be disqualified.

Race for bicycle requirements:

mountain bike and track cycling and road racing is very similar to the structure should be strong, but mountain biking is much more difficult to adapt to the game environment. Like with the motorcycle, mountain bikes with front suspension fork, possibly in the rear shock absorber. Mountain bike with straight handlebars, powerful brakes, as well as 24 speed options. Another feature is a mountain bike that he has wide and thick and very rough tires.

Pairs of contestants race car aerodynamic is limited. Competition is prohibited to use wind mirror, dome, and other is used to reduce the air resistance, or artificially increase speed or acceleration of the additional devices.

Other provisions of the game players must wear helmets

players must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the race routes;

When the other team to overtake, the other team should be for him to give way, not allowed to intentionally block;

players if a certain Central foul, he can continue to ride end of that ring, and then he will be expelled from the competition;

track all of the roadblocks must be originally planned, and the team members had prior notice;

When one or a few When players start at a disadvantage in the competition can begin again.

Participants when they can be in the game of manipulation to conduct themselves in a disadvantaged protested to the referee, but the participants when they must be within 10 minutes after the game a written protest against the referee.

In the track along the route must have a sword-shaped marks or other signs to tell the players the way forward, whether there is danger ahead, as well as the degree of risk.



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