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Master to a triple leg strength training methods

Tmac more2010-01-30 02:01:54 +0000 #1
ldz198711062010-01-30 02:04:57 +0000 #2
1. Squat

2. Scissors-lunge squat

3. Leapfrog

4. Sprinter

5. Stride jump

6. Supine from sitting, supine leg raise

each squat should be washed after the end of a group of 100 meters, squat weight to each group to do the following as a standard eight (because you need to increase the explosive power)

stride before the jump and leapfrog The warm-up will do a good job can be run around the track and field 400M

8-10 laps must do warm-up before each training, jogging or stretching will cause the body into the excited state

waist also more control over the key to training in the abdomen on a daily basis

scissors-lunge squat right quadriceps strength and pace of the expansion of fat are greatly improved, and we must train



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