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CF who is a ghost-hop high-definition tutorial video? [Guiqiu]

834,450,2162010-01-30 03:01:22 +0000 #1
Which kind-hearted big brother big sister to me video ah? ,

I have read countless times depressed die down a ghost dance

is not a positive

the best to help me to find the fastest was a ghost jump tutorial

brother in this谢啦-! ! !
a7311914842010-01-30 03:10:20 +0000 #2
and then immediately press jump [space], after [S]

in the floor moments after the jump by jump and then go after the jump so again


is after the jump and then press
, and we have to grasp the Good rhythm

between each jump to an instant jump in the floor as this will guarantee that no principle of Visualization

the use of instant stealth when squatting, and inertia have been dancing has been maintained at the time jump does not tout!!

second-generation : The Hold the squat and then jump back in the direction of pre-press after the opening jump backward by a space (that is, S keys) open up a space before landing on a floor by a space in the press back (that is, S building) jumped up after the liberalization of opening up a space before the S arrival and then repeating a space S space S space S on it.

want to learn 3 on behalf of the jump must take the two-generation jump training of highly skilled:

3 on behalf of the Jumping France: s + space. Space + s. spaces + s. have been circulating ... ... Note To: Press (s) a long time key points ... ... focus: (in falling on the ground that is fast falling on the ground prior to the time immediately press (jump + s). so that you'll find that you jump very far. his master tempo) 4-generation method is you have got to jump out of 1-2 three generations, and then in the air caused by the high point (that is, you feel like you jump up from the ground after the highest that point), fast turn around, landing an instant grasp the rhythm take W + space + W + loop followed by a space. Note that this is not the next three generations of S + spaces, but W + spaces, but the pace should be, and three-generation line.

3 on behalf of the ghost jump out of the principle of inertia is to use backward backwards jump out quickly, rather than phenotypes.

The four principles on behalf of the ghost dance is the use of three-generation ghosts jumping out of the inertia back quickly to the front of the quick jump.

A lot of players may all against me, and thought his announcement did not say on behalf of four generations of three methods of operation, three on behalf of the site is now everywhere, Please go and see more of your own, finished to open the computer into more and thought, three on behalf of the skilled 4 generations of your jump is very relaxed.

I am now once again on behalf of the ghost dance of the four listed in the keyboard steps (squat by pressing without releasing + S + Space + S + Space + mouse backward 180-degree rejection + W + space + W + spaces... Followed by cyclic ) enough detail in it, Zaima me, I can only say you skills and ability to understand a problem.

The following tips for everyone to look at, 4th generation can continue after turning in the air, according to S + Space + S + space, effect, and W + is the same space, which I found the day before yesterday, seemingly easier, wow quack! Give me extra points bar! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



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