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I sang on a spit Why ah?

Rolling Ju Si-color __2010-01-30 03:01:34 +0000 #1
I have a singing on the spit Why ah?
875,116,8282010-01-30 03:04:44 +0000 #2
I know why, but I also have a method! You have the disease is chronic laryngitis. A proposal to use blood circulation Huayu Chinese throat section, Qu saprophytic new anti-inflammatory pain, expectorant Sanjie, calm and soothe the nerves, Shugan qi, and clear the meridians of Chinese medicine powder, etc., directly into the lesion site, combined with oral administration of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and other comprehensive therapy, specimen-wen, good results, non-toxic following is a method and vice:

pharyngitis Note: bogey spicy tobacco and alcohol products and the stimulation. Pay attention to oral hygiene. (Strengthening of physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, prevention of respiratory tract infections, and reasonable living arrangements, to keep their minds at ease, to avoid the troubles depressed, etc..) Diet conditioning: Liyan Tea: Double flowers, Ophiopogon japonicus, wooden butterflies, Sterculia lychnophora, raw licorice all three -5 grams of boiling water, brew-frequency service. Qingyan drink: ebony meat, raw licorice, Adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus, Campanulaceae, Yuan Participation, 50 grams of crushed mixing, 3 times a day, about 15 grams per serving, to boiling water brewed into tea. Chronic pharyngitis cured, in order to consolidate the efficacy to prevent recurrence can eat the following foods: kelp green bean soup ingredients: green beans 12, kelp 12, a little sugar. System of law: The mung bean and seaweed (shred) put in a pot, add water Zhulan, after the seasoning into the sugar a day when the Chahe. Watermelon juice: Cut the watermelon juice, frequently when the tea. You can heat Chufan, can Yin Runzao, eat very desirable. Qiao-drug treatment of chronic pharyngitis, chronic pharyngitis tea is pharyngeal mucosa, submucosa, and lymphoid tissue in chronic inflammation, depending on the lesions can be divided into simple, hyperplastic and atrophic three types. The incidence of chronic pharyngitis are many reasons, such as repeated episodes of acute pharyngitis and adjacent organ diseases (chronic tonsillitis, gingivitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis), etc. can cause. External weather is cold and dry air is the working environment in the dust, chemical gas pollution, tobacco, alcohol and spicy food a long-term incentives, and with the throat due to occupational factors, too many people are susceptible to chronic pharyngitis. In addition, long-term life is the law, fatigue, mental stress, can decrease the body resistance, bacteria and viruses vulnerable to repeated infections, can cause chronic pharyngitis. At present the treatment of chronic pharyngitis many ways, such as medical practitioners in general advocate the use of mouth-tai, compound such as borax solution, mouthwash, containing clothes China Tablets, Anji lozenge, g lozenge and other bacteria. Long-term use of these drugs can cause oral environment disorder. For hypertrophic hyperplasia pharyngitis, can use laser, microwave, freezer and other methods. However, these therapies are currently abuse trends, out-patient surgery often seen due to severe hyperplasia of pharyngeal scar, contracture and treatment of patients with exacerbations come. Chronic pharyngitis is equivalent to traditional Chinese medicine "virtual fire Houbi" and its etiology and pathogenesis of the lung and kidney caused by Xuhuoshangsheng, throat dystrophy. Expelling nourish lung and kidney, heat phlegm, throat Liyan. Experience has shown that correct application of herbal tea will help the treatment of chronic pharyngitis. The following 10 herbal tea party for use. Mangosteen Mangosteen Tea】 【1. Will be Luo Han Guo chopped brewing with boiling water after 10 minutes when informality Beverage Service. 1

2 times a day, each one. Function Qingfei phlegm, thirst quencher throat. Indications of chronic pharyngitis, Lung-less, the emergence of phlegm-heat in each knot dry throat discomfort, sore throat, aphonia, or cough, dry mouth and so on. "Food will be traditional Chinese medicine and the party" that: "actors, teachers, broadcasters and so on need to protect the speech organs are often Mangosteen chopped, flood damage on behalf of the tea effective." 【】 To take Olive 2 Olive Tea, green tea 1g. Even the olive core cut in half, and green tea into the cup with, into the water, seal boring after 5 minutes to drink. Applicable to chronic pharyngitis, pharyngeal foreign body sensation were. Tea】 【sea habitat Sterculia lychnophora 5, habitat 12g, rock sugar 30g, tea amount. A total of home hot water bottle on the drug, the boiling water, half bottle of brew, cover 15 minutes or so stuffy, informal times, frequently on behalf of the tea. The drink according to the patients the amount of 2 to 3 a day. Function Qingfei Liyan, nourishing Yin Sheng Jin. For chronic angina who are Lung-Yin deficiency, such as hoarse voice, multi-lingual then the throats of dry itchy or dry cough, dull red throat, vocal hypertrophy, rather then the incomplete glottal closure, vocal cords nodules, mamillata little moss, etc. . For the Lung-less, virtual folders false fire with chronic laryngitis and dry stool guitar who, using the most appropriate. Honey tea】 【Gan Lan Hai olive 3g, Sterculia lychnophora 3, green tea 3g, honey and a spoon. First olives into boiling water for a moment, and then brew Sterculia lychnophora and green tea, nausea cover a moment, into the honey and mix thoroughly, slowly drink. 1

2 a day. Function Qingrejiedu, Liyan throat. Indications of chronic laryngitis, throat dry and uncomfortable, or a hoarse voice, etc. Yin is dry and hot card. 【2】 Lve plum green tea, privet, green tea, orange network of 3g, Ligustrum lucidum 6g. Ligustrum lucidum broken up first after the shamisen, a total income of the previous cup to boiling water you can brew. Day one, informal, when Beverage Service. Functional Yin Liyan, Qi phlegm. Of liver and kidney, virtual fire floating, qi knot of phlegm sore throat discomfort, foreign body sensation in the throat, drink a good benefit. 】 【Sangju almond tea mulberry leaves 10g, chrysanthemum 10g, almonds 10g, crystal sugar amount. After the crushed almonds, and mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, rock sugar co-location vacuum flask, add boiling water, brew, about 15 minutes after the lid stuffy, you can when the tea drinking, while drinking water plus side, every day one. Functional heat Shufeng, phlegm Liyan. Pairs of root sea tea】 【Banlangen 15g, tonkinensis 10g, licorice root 10g, Sterculia lychnophora 5g. A total of home thermos flask in brewing with boiling water, cover nausea immediately after 20 minutes when the tea drink. May also, after boiling water and pour slowly thermos for drinking, one day. There is heat, detoxification, Liyan's role is suitable for those with chronic pharyngitis, throat pain, obviously. 【Verbenaceae】 fresh verbena tea and honey green beans 50g, green beans 30g, honey 30g. Wash Drain the green beans, fresh verbena uprooted Wash Line beaten up two small bundles, put together with the mung bean pot, add water 1500 milliliters stew low heat 1 hour, until green beans from the fire, when Su Lan, winners go to horsewhip grass, Serve hot with honey can be Yintang mixing of fresh beans. 1 day, 2 times, clothes, and even served a few days. Tea】 【voiceless medicinal Sterculia lychnophora 5g, Chan Yi 3g, Dendrobium 15g. Decoction on behalf of the tea. Functional Yin throat, Liyan dumb rule applies to persons with chronic pharyngitis accompanied by a hoarse voice. 【】 Medical health hawthorn hawthorn Liyan Tea 20g, Salvia miltiorrhiza 20g, Prunella vulgaris 15g. Use, first wash away the dust with water, then add water to cook for 30 minutes after the leaching concoction, one day several times, when the frequency of tea drinking. Function Huoxue Sanjie, heat Liyan. Applicable to chronic pharyngitis and pharyngeal lymphoid follicular hyperplasia were evident.

Look at me playing so much, the Commission me! ! ! 55555
Magic candybar2010-01-30 03:34:04 +0000 #3
I think it is because you get angry - and
you guess what I call bar2010-01-30 04:23:19 +0000 #4
bad habits. Endured, control the change over just fine. With some people wanted a tight XUXU a reason.



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