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Soviet Union's famous high jumper阿赫麦托夫height increased use of physical activity to promote

wa62186932010-01-30 04:01:27 +0000 #1
My 93 students `72 `` I am now one meter how long I can! `` I have 13 one-meter 6, but at that time a few` I they do not read the `` too headstrong to go out to work five hours `sleep`
laugh love long2010-01-30 04:12:41 +0000 #2
look at skeletal measurements close to the hospital with no


I'm not sure how much longer the 25-year-old boys to stop the body increased. For women were 23 years old.

In general, males and females in the 18-20 years of age will grow height after the beginning of the very slow.

1. If you want to increase, please keep enough sleep, do not stay up all night, sometimes sleeping when the tread of the legs may look, that is, the growth of notice.

2. Diet, beverage choice of milk, fat afraid I recommend skim or low-fat milk. Advantage is that calcium at night insomnia drink can also improve sleep. Food and recommend a high protein meat. Of course, nutritional balance, and is also important. Meals can not be picky eaters.

3. The sun, bones and plants seem very similar. Enjoy the sun moisture has a certain impact on the height

4. Campaigns. Preferred need to jump movement. Such as basketball and so on, every new day, people will have a material joints. After a day of run-in, will be consumed, through the campaign this consumption to a minimum. Makes the sleep time will be absorbed into the bones of their sound. This is what some people will ask why their morning and night, higher than reason.

Also: height, half of a certain genetic factors. Of course, half on their own efforts.

Finally, I hope we do not much weight, height this thing, not because of his low self-esteem is generated. To establish a good self-confidence, their is no advantage in height, then use the other's strengths to compare. You will find something you have to be more than the height of this thing multiple.

Added: skipping is good. Stay up all night to the poor health. Activities as much as possible. Specifically how much can be long, no one can predict the high-tech machines.



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