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guo2745854672010-01-30 04:01:46 +0000 #1
how to improve within 7 days through the training track and field results?

50 meters 10 seconds.

Standing long jump 1.6 meters

1 m 65 55 kg.

En, so the results are passed side are intangible ...

Oh. I have low self-esteem on physical education

cause I was afraid to go

so a vicious circle.

How to do I can do to improve their performance.

I want to get through their own efforts with excellent sport!

There is hope do I really have no talent how can I do
Wang Yu Happy2010-01-30 04:10:28 +0000 #2
efforts to train
Old Ho 06282010-01-30 04:18:13 +0000 #3
do leapfrog, but not too much, too much would be the brain concussion

climbing stairs, tilt toes to climb, it is exercising calf muscle and Achilles tendon, and that opportunity every day to practice. Help

running on the long jump is not only a matter of fact should be noted that only the lower limb exercise, do push-ups when running on your arm will help both the magnitude and coordination

Of course, the best approach is to insist on running every day, but you are pressed for time, first crash Bar



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